Sometimes less is more...

Discussion in '2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H' started by godhainder, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Devoid of superfluous body cladding and aerodynamic decor, this car screams sleeper. Only the decerning eye will spot the subtle hood bulge. Uncharacteristic of my flashy nature, I actually like this car.
  2. i dig it
  3. Out of curiosity, what is with the hood bulge? The '66 has a bigger engine displacement-wise, and yet it seems to have a much lower hood. Isn't that better for handling? Center-of-gravity being lower and all? Or this is just an illusion brought on by the perspective in that shot?
  4. Sleeper? They only added 25hp.
  5. i dont rate this car really. it looks nicer than a normal 'stang, but only a tiny bit more hp and not much in the way of weight reduction. its basically a normal mustang with the handling pack and probably a louder exhaust, with a slight increase in hp.

    i wouldn't say it looks exactly subtle either with those racing stripes.

    edit: and how could you not spot that bulging hood? its friggin massive! the hood bulge is cosmetic; they didnt need to add it, but it gives the car some extra aggression.
  6. He He I see what Ford is trying to do. People are going to rent this and drive it like it was their ex-wife's car and crash. Hertz will then have to buy another from Ford and Ford will get a little $$$ off of this.
  7. live rear axle with a ford handling pack
  8. Umm...... misprint........ It should read "204bhp/ton" not 2044bhp/ton......

    Which makes it a great big gold striped non-event.
  9. its the angle of the shot. there is no hood bulge the hood actually drops as a type of heat extractor. its like the hood on the 04 v6 mustangs. here are some different angle of the car the way it should be photographed. leaving the starting lines on the 1/4 mile..........

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