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  1. But this car will neva match the amazing McLaren F1 GTR.<!-- Signature -->
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    **** *** McLaren gay man, thats not what McLaren said 1998 when the GT1 won the 24HR Le Mans. OHHHH what 1 and 2 place were the GT1's for GOD sakes a Nissan got a better place, so **** all u McLaren fans that think there better cus your not. So go talk shit to someone who cares about McLarens. REMEMBER WE BET YOU mclaren YOU ARE NOTHING TO THE POWER AND COOLNES OF PORSCHE............
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    Yes, the McLaren is a good car, but if it is better than this car, why had it retired from top-line competition by 1998? This car won the worlds greatest endurance race, 3 years after McLaren, whose car was obsolete by the time the 1998 race came about.<!-- Signature -->
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    The 911 GT1 was retired because it flew in the air , driven by Yannick Dalmas.

    Moreover as you said , it wasn't competitive anymore.
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    actually, it was "retired" because of the cayenne (BAH)
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    that was a crazy accident but the sucky SUV is the reason porsche is out of racing for the moment
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    I remember the factory Mercedes' CLK-GTRs having blow-over problems, but I don't remember the same happening to the Porsches. Did I miss something or am I confused about what year this occurred in...
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    i'm sorry to say but mclauren man is right the mclaruren f1 gtr is the best. Meaning if you take the TT out of the engine the car wouldn't be able to compete. If you look at the engine type the mclauren is NA while the porsche is twin turbo. I think turbos are worthless they just are like nitrous oxide ,turbos are like steriods that have a longer effect on the car. The same with supras and porsches and nissans.
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    The 911GT3 RS makes 450BHP from a NA engine, the C-GT Street car will have 500 from the NA 6.0, so imagine a race tuned one...ooh, got ya there.
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    How can you say that when the Porsche only has a 3.2L engine. In the rules for most sport car racing series are provisions for turbo charged engines, they are just allowed different displacement and restritor sizes. There is no advantage to using a turbo engine other than that a turbo 6 is probably lighter than a NA 12. The cars were built for a race series and thus had to be built to specifications. There is no reason why a NA car couldn't beat a TT car...if it was better!!!
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    it's actually 3.6liter
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    yep that's true it is a 3.6L. But the guy who cried about twin-turbo beeing steriods engines doesn't seem to know anything about racing. A McLaren doesn't stand a chance against the 911 GT1. That was proven at the 1998 LeMans.


    just take a look at this beauty
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    i like both of them, but i would prolly take the GT1, even though my favorite car is the McLaren, but who cares
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    The Street version is actually pretty good looking on the inside, although, it is expensive.

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