Sort of a barn find by me - need values

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  1. Ok so recently I have moved house and I’m in a quiet neighbourhood which is predominantly old Italian/Greek area. anyway, was chatting to my neighbour (70yr old from Cyprus) and he is a really genuine nice guy, so he asks me if I like cars, of course, so he shows me in his garage, a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal. He bought it brand new in 1960 here in Aus, its RHD from the factory. It’s in original condition, not touched, yet it’s in perfect condition. He says he was offered 75k aus for it but turned it down.
    Are these a sought after car?

    Anyway too the "barn find"... the house across the road from us has 2 old cars out the front, hard to tell what they are but 50's American sedans. So anyway my neighbour tells me the guy has about 50-60 cars. All 50's American. Apparently he bought them all in the 60's and 70's and has had them since. He keeps about 30 on the property and the rest on another block he owns... they are all under car covers but out in the weather. There is a tin shed at the back which is bigger than the house (not hard) that would hold maybe 10 cars.
    I’m gonna try and become friends with him and catalogue what he actually has there. According to john (my next door neighbour) the one out the front under the car cover is worth (restored) over 100k. But I don’t know what it is....

    Too be continued.......
  2. cool! sneak in his garden when he's gone and check out a few cars <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  3. pics aren't loading
  4. Most any 50s cars are gonna be worth SOME money. Some are worth stupid amounts.
  5. about treefiddy
  6. Here's a '59 Custom Royal, but not the one in question. 50s Americana is hot over here in the States, but they're very expensive to restore. The chrome trim is especially hard to find, but if it's all there, I can see how it's easily worth over $75K, maybe six figures to the right person. How did so many 50s American cars get over to that area of the world?
  7. anyone know if it was a high selling car back in 59? or is it somewhat uncommon, or rare. i cant find a whole heap of info on them (compared to things like belairs)
  9. They were strong sellers in 1959 4th or 5th place behind pontiac or buick in terms of sales as far as I can remember. The base engine was a 361ci engine and the transmission was the torque flite with push buttons. I don't know if the 413ci engine was available as an option. The front suspension was using the torsion air level technology. There were many interior trims available as well as body colors available. With the option d500, the engine had a higher hp rate 320 or 340 providing the car better acceleration and with the d501 option the car was far more powerful and its suspension was upgraded for a better handling on all kind of roads.
  10. Also values of 1957-1961 Mopars are very high, there are not many survivors of these cars in good condition because their body was prone to rust. To give you an idea a perfect condition 1957 chrysler 300 c is priced at 100000-125000$ on the other hand a more common but pristine 1957 chysler new yorker is priced at 20000-30000$ more if the car has rare options. You should buy books published by Motorbooks specialized in the cars of 50's, they will be helpful to give you an exact value of what you have.
  11. What's the deal with jacking cars from Cuba? Can I do that?
  12. heres a quick pic... gonna try and get a photoshoot done of it.
  13. BALLER. Also it looks weird seeing a car like that that's RHD.
  15. indeed a 1959 custom royal
  16. a RHD 1959 Custom Royal
  17. pre-1960, Australia had American cars galore.

    Funny how much the market here has changed over time.

    19** - 1950 * pretty just American cars over here, along with the cheaps Euros (Beetle, Mini, Morris Minor). Looking at hella old pictures of Sydney, theres a lot of Dodges, Cadillacs, Chevs, etc.
    1950 - 1960 * American and Euro imports slowly dying out, Aussie cars majorly taking over the market
    1960 - 1985 * Australian cars pretty much ruled the roost, with the Japanese cars gaining momentum
    1985 - 1995 * lots of Jap cars, lots of Aussie cars, and Euro cars getting more and more popular
    1995 - 2008 * Jap, Aussie, and Euro cars all in the market, and selling well. Aussie cars starting to stagnate. American cars TRYING to come back, but mostly failing (except the 300C!!)... Oh, and Korean cars doing pretty well here in the last 10 - 15 years.

    but anyways
  18. so we went for a cruize today.... few quick snaps....

  19. lol
  20. Love the pics. Make friends with him and get him to give you the car in his will.
  21. no u
  22. Hes a really nice old guy. He offered for me to take it out whenever, but I declined. Not really keen on taking out something that big that I don’t own.

    That said…. We drove down by the beach and every chick that was walking past smiled, waved or nodded etc… ultimate chick puller. Stuff the sports cars.
  23. Haha, badass. American classic has never been my thing with cars but that thing is stunning. Great shape and I love the colors.

    I think it would look good in a classy HDR picture.
  24. It's times like this I wish my neighbours weren't samoans

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