South Bend SodBusters PICS!

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  1. Sunday Sep 12, 2004

    I went to the off road challenge yesterday
    heres a 1st run of pics

    1 a fullsize frame under an S-10 cab, this truck did very well in all events

    2 Vandalism, 4wd, scared of trails

    3 Ford Baja, 2wd, loves trails, hates mud, but at least tried

    4 700+hp baja launching
  2. 1 baja rear suspension

    2 baja stuck
  3. 1 street driven mudder

    2-4 a street driven Pontiac makes it all the way through in comfort
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    it was a best overall out of 3 events

    1 drag racing on dirt
    2 trail/obstical corse
    3 mud run

    5 classes

    1 dune buggy
    2 shortwheelabse "stock"
    3 longwheelbase "stock"
    4 shortwheelbase mod
    5 longwheelbase mod

    "stock" can have up to 2 mods

    ex: headers and tires
    lift and tires
    lift and carb

    some people thought there should be a middle class for mildly modified trucks
    but they are lucky a lift and tires doesn't automatically put you in modified

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