Spanish matador gored in throat by bull

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CitroenSM, May 23, 2010.

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    Warning! scary pics.
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  3. OOpsie, Sorry.

    Admins, please delete this thread.
  4. w00t has been banned, so that topic isn't accessible anyway, so let's just keep this
  5. lol at calling upon admin to help you
  6. thas what i was thinking like admins gonna come in here and
  7. i just wish that the matador would have beheaded the bull with a katana
  8. lol
    #$%#ING LOL

    what in the
    how come
    why would a matador HAVE A KATANA

    hemi i always root for the bull
  9. a katana is a great weapon for the one who knows how to master it. The core of a katana edge is very strong near 62 rockwell of strenght and it is made of laminated steel that cuts through bones very easily. I am pretty sure you can imagine yourself what looks like a headless bull, a level of gore which is not suitable for some people. I would rather see the matador with the bull's head in his hands as a trophy than seeing him injured.
  10. if it was a ninja matador it would have katana
    imagine that
    karate master sword wielding matador
  11. hemistage reply:

    "too bad the other matadors did not stab the bull in the throat with a so-and-so mark II hunting knife for military issue then **** its ass and tits"
  12. shut the #$%# up imbecile, you used to be funny but not anymore. You are not entitled nor allowed to speak for me, got it?
  13. lol this thread is so much more amazing than the last one
  14. hahaha, **** you timmy tough-nuts

    you shut the **** up or i will stab you in the throat with a Gerber Mark II fighting knife or cut your head off with a katana
  15. can you imagine the gore?
    some cannot
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  18. you're a racist
  19. how
    is there a hidden meaning? i jsut thought it was really funny
  20. ninjas are people too ok
  22. I am not timmy, you idiotic hammer head.

    I am not sure you know how to throw knives, and neither that you know how to fight in a hand to hand combat with a knife. I am not even talking about using the katana, you haven't practised kendo or aikido to master the katana perfectly, so keep quiet.
  23. he called you "timmy tough-nuts" not "timmy"

    how do you KNOW that he isn't an Aikido master? you dolt
  24. holy shit do you wear it in the park when you're karate chopping trees
  25. yeah
    after i ripped the sleeves off

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