Spanish matador gored in throat by bull

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  1. sleeves are for rich boys
  2. Thread delivered
  3. i understand sleeves ok
    but if youve got barbd wire on your upper bicep like i do theres no way im gona be wearing sleeves
    you think anyone wants a karate chop when im wearing sleeveless tee with barbd wire wrapped around my thick 'ceps
    forget about it
  4. are you also wearing a dew rag
  5. you're gonna get banned!!!!!!!
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  7. what a thread
  8. I also always root for the bull.
  9. im going to start calling people an 'idiotic hammer head'.
  10. helmet class retard
  11. Haha thread is complete
  12. hahah
  13. this is a great thread!
  14. Mclaren777 called, he want's his HD Videos uploaded.
  15. Actually a katana is typically not that great at inflicting huge cuts through muscle and bone. The spine is very thick and they are quite short. They are better at cutting soft tissue in a controlled manner with minimal force due to their very sharp but brittle blades.
  16. To bad the bull didn't gore him in the nuts.
  17. Leave Hemi alone you people.
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    depends of what brand of katana you are talking about.
    coldsteel makes incredibly strong blades.
    cold steel emperor japanese swords which are among the best

    cold steel also the makes the norman sword that cuts really well

    cold steel two handed sword which can slice a bull into small pieces

    cold steel hand and half sword another good choice

    also wkc a german manufacturer from solingen makes great katanas but if you look for the best then choose the tamahagane steel not cheap but a lifetime investment
  19. enraging hemi on these forums is kind of like e-bullfighting
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    The strength isn't the issue, a katana is very thick once you get past the first few millimeters of the blade. They are also quite short for how much they weigh. A german longsword is vastly superior at cutting and can even cut a katana.

    Have a look at this, you will like it.
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    I agree
  23. oh hemi you like coldsteel?
    i really appreciate their videos of the mans chopping meat and ice blocks with their wares
    have you seen the videos?
    post your favorite
  24. My favorite is the meat in the boots.

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