Spanish matador gored in throat by bull

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  1. imagien if that meat was a human feet
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    yes the coldsteel swords are awesome.I have seen all their videos.
    here is my favorite video
  3. or mac laren 777's head
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    #$%#ing lol @ hemi liking cold steel

    they have a new video. the guy is a #$%#ing nutter:
  7. Because killing innocent animals for entertainment is really cool. You are a f*cking idiot.
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    lol @ I DEDICATE MY LIFE TO TRAINING, and then being a fatass
  9. keep curling those 15's lol
  10. I wonder if hemi lives his life as a warrior, or if he understands the power of weapons? My guess is no. He only thinks he is. He is no akido master capable of handling a katana, nor is he a great warrior capable of weilding a great sword such as the greatest warrior of our time and great protector Lynn Thompson.
  11. yeah wtf
    you think hed try to be in a shape
    besides the circle shape
  12. the two handed great sword is truly majestic hemi
    majestic but deadly
  13. imagine what it would do to steakboots
  14. I understand the power of weapons perhaps better than you.I have been practising aikido for 5 five years and kendo for 5 years as well.You should stick your guess up your ass, because you have no clue of what you are talking and you don't know me personally. I have enough knowledge and practise of how to use a broadsword, a katana or a dagger, so please spare me your lame excuses.
  15. shut the #$%# up, you are not allowed to talk.
  16. carbon fiber sword > all
  17. I'm scared.
  18. in this case he's actually right.

    edit: him = burner
  19. You shut the f*ck up. Talking about killing an animal like this is another display of your inferiority complex and your cowardice. Do you feel inferior because you are French or because you are a midget?
  20. Wow burner is really scared of him
  21. As usual and as I could expect this coming from a fat pig, only big talk and no walk. I have no inferiorirty complex but a superiority complex when compared to people like you, every other members have
    also a superiority complex when compared to you. You are fat, ugly, stinky and retarded. I am a far to be a midget and I am proud of my French side but you have the brain of a midget and the ugliness of an English simpleton so please stop talking about one being inferior because he is French. All your meals in UK wether it is porridge or eggs and bacon suck and stink. French cuisine is a synonym of refinement. You are not enough of a gourmet and a connoisseur to appreciate fine food and finer things.I am not sure you know the principle of bullfighting, the principle of bullfighting is to put to death the bull. It doesn't matter how you kill the bull, the goal is to kill the bull. Wether you behead a bull with a german broadsword or with the two great handed sword from coldsteel, the goal is to kill the bull. End of story.
  22. You are a classic case of someone with a terrible inferiority complex. What are you 5 foot 5? Maybe a Napoleon complex? Seeing as you have never met me, nor know what i look like, i think its a little strange that you are so obsessed with my appearance and my smell. Is this a problem you have? Are you a short, ugly, smelly French man? Do you have issues with women? Is this where all the anger comes from? Maybe erectile dysfunction? I think the likelihood is that you are a short homosexual male, who has no self confidence and is obsessessed with his self perception that he is unattractive, so in order to make yourself feel better, you project your self loathing as insults on other people. Maybe this is a way you deal with your homosexuality, as you want women to be attracted to you, and you want to be attracted to them, but this doesnt happen, and you hate yourself for your feelings towards men.

    You personal issues aside, Bullfighting is neither brave nor heroic. Killing animals for fun is just stupid. For food yes, but cruelly injuring animals with mortal wounds is sadistic and stupid.
  23. Bull Fighting a cruel and stupid sport. Doesnt matter how many people find it entertaining or whatever. Should be banned. If you wanna be a man, challenge a black bear or mountain lion in their own terrain. Mr latino bull fighter, you're tough? fight someone like rampage jackson. Choose one.
  24. agreed

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