Spanish matador gored in throat by bull

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  1. I don't have an inferiorirty complex unlike you Burner. I am 1 m80 tall. It is not because someone is tall that he is clever. I remember your avatar and your face, you have a fat and cheeky piggy face. Everyone remembers the pictures you posted on v2 where you were showing your biceps and trying to impress everyone. I am far to be short, ugly or smelly so don't talk when you don't know me.I have no issues with women but you seem to have issues with men, why are you always thinking one is gay when he isn't. You lack self confidence something I don't and I have never lacked. My anger comes from the fact that you are behaving yourself like a complete retard and you are making a total and ridicule ass of yourself with your weak and totally unfounded arguments. I insult people like you who deserve it and this not to subject to any kind of discussion. Before assuming and claiming that I am a homosexual get proofs otherwise shut the #$%# up and don't bring back that retarded argument ever again.
    You like talking out of your ass burner, women are attracted to me and I am attracted to them. Why do you always have to post misleading bullshit? You don't know my personal life so don't assume things that are automatically and by default false and unfounded.I have never hated myself burner but you hate yourself for being a retard and a constant failure. You are just a simpleton and a peon whose future is based and destined to mediocrity.

    Discussing with you about bullfighting is the same thing as explaining history to a retard or an uneducated simpleton.

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