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Discussion in '2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R V Spec' started by jamesmitch, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. just bought one, and i love it.17 inchers make it easy to handle tight twisties. looking for engine as well as susp. mods. any help?<!-- Signature -->
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    having a 17"rim...hmmm....it'll be tricky to get a suitable suspension....maybe you drive it to the shop and ask for advice...they would need to knoe the weight of your car...
    try Nismo ....if there is any...
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    try to see if you can fit the SR20DET from a S15 silvia...suspension...try getting custom made coilovers(real coilovers not the cheap ass sleeve type) since they probably don't make coilovers for the sentra yet. for the 17inchers...get yourself some 17inch VOLK Racing TE37's they are way lighter than your stock rims.
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    It's not bad. I sorta like it. SORTA.<!-- Signature -->
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    shit into the intake, lubricates the engine<!-- Signature -->

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