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  1. JTF2 has the best snipers, and training I believe, although they are super underequipped.
  2. It's been bumped
  3. The SAS, no #$%#ing doubts. They wrote the #$%#ing book. Literally.
  4. How does one go about bumping a thread from August 30th in General Chat? How many pages back did you have to go?
  5. Good list you realy broke it down.
  6. Really, you have no clue what you're talking about.
  7. The USMC has the best trained snipers in the world. That isn't patriotism talking, either.
  8. GSG-9 are police

    mossad are the most badass IMO.
  9. All the #$%#er said was "true". Not even a period.
  10. GSG-9 are border guards, and thus part of the Bundeswehr. GIGN are police.

    And SM is the special force unit from Israel. I can't remember if they are a part of Mossad or vice versa.
  11. This debate is as pointless as it is common on these forums, because no one here knows nearly enough to be actually able to offer an informed opinion.

    However, it can be agreed that Spetsnaz is no longer competitive. They don't have the money and the equipment anymore; that's just a simple fact. Sure, al-Qaeda members are rigidly disciplined and radically devoted, but they can't compete with the US Special Forces for a sheer lack of resources. Spetsnaz has the same problem.

    And Spetsnaz royally #$%#ed up their most recent engagement, trying to rescue those school children from the Chechnyan rebels. It was an absolute disaster, much worse than the Battle of Mogadishu, which could be argued as a defeat for Delta Force.
  12. Losing 2 guys that volunteered to go in knowing they were going to die is a defeat?
  13. Neither. Sayeret Matkal (I'm almost positive that's what you mean by 'SM') is one of Israel's special forces. They have several different ones, all known as "sayerot" (plural of sayeret in Hebrew, it's a weird language). However, they're all classified under the Israeli Defense Forces. The Mossad is a separate entity, not in nor under command of the IDF.
  14. HAHAHA i cant believe navy seals are winnign this. The only thing they are good at is balancing balls on their noses.
  15. I know about the two snipers. I was under the impression that there were more Delta Force members present, in the rescue team. Maybe not.
  16. Ahah I hope you're kidding, if not most funny thing EVAR
  17. Israel obviously: by far the most experience...
  18. As far as any of us know, there weren't any others involved in the rescue team.
  19. Most experienced with what, though?
  20. They were involved in the rescue teams also, but they did not get killed or injured.
  21. The rescue teams involving Shugart/Gordon? I stand corrected then, I've only seen the movie/read MOH citations/heard stories.
  22. Aside from being good at jumping through hoops for fish, teh navy seals are completely useless. Everyone knows the SAS kick the shit out of them.
  23. With the targetted assasination of some hamas leaders and assasination of terrorists who killed the jewish athletes in Munich in 1972.
  24. That is your opinion and it doesn't represent everyone.

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