SpecV is NOT the "high-performance" GT-R

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    Hmmmm, I wonder if the response would be this forgiving if the ZR1 turned out to be a Z06 that was 132 pounds lighter, had 5 extra horses, and was double the Z06's price.
    Ok theres a little more to the new Spec-V than that but still.


    "As we left the track, Mizuno hinted that the least his new charger would do is to better the Corvette ZR1's 7-min/26-sec lap. "That's not hard," he said. "Be ready for a quick time." We are Mizuno-san, you betcha."

    I think Mr.Mizuno may wish the Viper ACR didn't exist right now.
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    Viper ACR is not comparable. The aeroparts with which the Nurburgring record was set aren't even street legal in Europe. The car is absolutely useless anywhere else than on a racetrack. Insert this in you small brain and never forget.
  3. what isnt legal on the viper in europe?

    last i checked the US has stricter regulations on pretty much everything.
  4. they do
  5. Spec-v is overpriced.
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  12. My point made!
  13. I'm posting on a forum
  14. Try the streets of USA and Canada where all the Vipers are anyway, why does European streets matter for a Viper like this again?

    Both the GTR and the ACR are street legal in the USA if you forgot to notice.

    Europe doesn't affect the Viper and the Viper doesnt care about how it is ripping all the Urapeein Supercars a new A-hole.

    USA #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Using the lip spoiler is illegal in the US too. Violates a bumper law.
  16. you foamin' bro?
  17. Everything I have read says that the ACR is 100% street legal but even if you are right I don't see any cop pulling one over because of a front splitter. If Jay Leno can drive around in a tank car and its legal I don't think they will be picking on an ACR.
  18. The car itself is street legal, adding the front splitter is not. Just like you can't have certain things extend _x_ amount of inches from the side of the car.
  19. that would depend on your county.......they dont have the same bumper laws in every county of every state.
  20. and your point was......?

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