Speed is stupid.

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  1. Pretty much everyone i know would rather do exterior upgrades then power upgrades. Unless you take it to the track alot, your not going to really care about the difference on your daily commute and itll just burn more gas. This came to my attention because i wanted a v8 mustang and a guy spent an hour and a half convincing me to get the v6. especially in this day an age, all you get from more power is more money down the drain spent on gas. Its all about the fuel consumption, otherwise id say more power is deffinitely better.
  2. Congratulations on a retardedly useless thread
  4. This is Supercars.net...
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  6. tard, no passion for unnecessities
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  8. this is the worst thread ever...

    ride a bike on your daily commute if you're that worried
  9. Who says they're always mutually exclusive?
  10. the extra money on petrol is worth it for the fun.....
  11. And the V6 mustang gets pretty much the same mileage as the V8. Plus if you take it easy on the gas then you won't burn a lot. This thread really is terrible.
  12. I never once took my MR2 Turbo to the track, but I drove the shit out of it constantly. My intake/FCD/MBC was a great addition.
  13. Props on being man enough to admit you'd made a mistake in your car purchase.
  14. Wow talk about a lack of passion. There is a world of difference between the two engines. They each have their respective advantages and disadvantages. If you can't understand this, you're on the wrong site.
  15. Just about every C5 Z06 owner has reported getting 30mpg highway, let's see your V6 mustang match that, all the while putting out 405hp.
  16. hahaha wow you got suckered.
  17. My uncle got 26mpg roundtrip from LA to Sacramento, including my freeway runs, in his C6 Z06.
  18. There you go, 505hp getting better mileage than the Jetta I used to own.
  19. Why don't you tell this to someone who cares?

    Maybe your mother respects your stupid oppinions?
  20. Get a better job...
  21. Classic mob mentality of this place. I see what the guy is saying, and I've heard people say it for years, "the speed limit is the same for everyone, what do you need extra horsepower for?"

    Easy answer, you DON"T need that extra horsepower on daily driving, but you want it. It's the essence of being an auto enthusiast, or an enthusiast of anything, getting something you want but dont need. I know plenty of enthusiast folks who have the 'speed limit' mentality and they would rather focus on personalizing their car by appearance-based mods.

    Big deal, it's his/their money and his/their car, let them do as they please.
  22. You're both pussies.

    You can't take the opinion of someone with a V6 Mustang seriously can you? Seriously, why would you buy such a retardely unpractical car unless it was at least fast??
  23. Go knit some socks for your grandchildren.
  24. powerful engines are great for everyday driving anyway.

    going up hills isnt annoying as with a lot of not very powerful cars
    overtaking on highways is nothing
    getting in front of all the cars when there's a big group of cars around
    getting in your car everyday wont feel like a chore

    Sure, theres a speed limit, but taking off quick is very helpful...

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