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  1. AHHHH!!!

    What on earth is this, it looks like an evil cross between a Delorean and the El Dorado!<!-- Signature -->
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    actually it's got some Toyota MR-2 in it as well<!-- Signature -->
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    I think it's just butt-ugly...

    keep the faith
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    You all suck. on top of being a MOSLER the car looks good. a bit stretched in the ass but besides, a respectable car. if i wasn't a poor wigger i would buy this car.
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    maxpower does have half a brain no more no less

    but thats all ya need
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sniper</i>
    <b>I think it's just butt-ugly...

    keep the faith</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Why do you always post keep the faith?<!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry but IMO this car is well on the ugly side. Shouldn't have stretched the rear wheels so far back, you don't need an extended wheelbase when your performance figures are so unimpressive. I bet the stock Eldorado ETC could do just as well with one engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    The wheelbase was stretched to accomodate the rear engine.

    A stock Eldorado won't run 12's in the 1/4mile, or pull off the line like the Twinstar does.
  9. You would think that with two engines it could go alot faster.<!-- Signature -->
  10. You would think that with two engines it could go alot faster.<!-- Signature -->
  11. You would think that with two engines it could go alot faster.<!-- Signature -->
  12. THis is Sweet.

    Without a doubt, the Ultimate sleeper!<!-- Signature -->
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    Heheh you'd think so. I topped out my 81 Volvo 240 at 210kph. I guess thats like 135mph or so. 120mph is just sad out of 2 engines with a combined output of that. Oh well.
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    Probably limited!!! 120 is a reasonable limit for the US and Canada. However you would think that a modified car would have its chip replaced.
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    I've seen in other places where the top speed was 210 mph. This is the speed it would go with both engines at redline (6500 rpm) at 4th gear. I own an Eldorado and I can get it up to about 156.
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    it looks awfull. not worthy to be a cadillac.
    and the 2nd engine( spare own?)
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    A car can't go that fast hauling around 4700 lbs.
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    I'd expect the same... How do you get such miserable performance from such amazing horsepower?
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    Hehe... I know what you're saying!
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    yes it is one ugly lookin car
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    butt-ugly, gas-guzzling moron...
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    It weighs like a Maybach, which is still a lot faster.

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