Spend the next 15 minutes losing faith in humanity

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  2. The girl who won thought Evolution should be taught
  3. Ugh, I paused Random Axe for this??
  4. Aside from the one girl who flat out said "yes it should be taught," it's amazing how similar their answers all sound regardless of what they're actually saying.
  6. There*
  7. I dunno, seemed like they put all the ones from retarded states up first, but after about 2 minutes, the rest all said it should be taught.
  8. It's in alphabetical order.
  9. Miss USA? Some of them are gompers.
  10. Bunch of Sarah Palin clones in there.
  11. rather spend 15 minutes shaking my dick
  12. "... because I believe life is precious. And jesus, and the bible"
  13. Pageant girls are stupid. This is news?
  14. they are= THEY'RE, not their, or there
  15. lol the Hawaii girl said creationatism
  16. picard.jpg
  17. Trophy wives aren't married for their mind.
  18. Why are you upset
    What is the right answer
  19. Soon America will forget how they ever landed on the Moon in the first place. Evolution is a model of utility and predictive value, but I can never reliably say how functionally retarded these creationists will get. That life size Noah's Ark Experience got planning permission for example.
  20. Would make a cool zoo
    Two of every animal in one place
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    And here's the State that granted permission

    Being this inarticulate and uninformed is its own punishment.
  22. if you answer anything other than "absolutely, and religion should be banned from school", then you are wrong.
  23. lol that noahs ark thingy always riles you up
  24. Teach her the true meaning of evolution.
  25. America student shourld study Western Qur'an law instead of this "evolution".

    And maybe listen to Martin Ssempa lecture.


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