Spied: 2011 Dodge Charger

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    We've seen plenty of spy shots showing heavily cloaked prototypes of the 2011 Dodge Charger before, but our spy photographers just found the holy grail. Who knows how it happened, but the cover on this Charger prototype (we're guessing it's an R/T model) got flipped back to reveal the redesigned sedan's new snout for the first time and our spies snapped the hell out of it.

    The Charger's new look will apparently be an evolution more than a revolution, with the current sedan's squared off front end and angry expression receiving several tweaks. The grille, for instance, appears slightly taller and juts out farther creating a schnoz not unlike what you'll find on the front end of a Mitsubishi Lancer (not a fan of the faux chrome, though). The Charger's headlights always made the car look pissed off, but the new model appears to be in an even worse mood with a more aggressive scowl. The hood is definitely more chiseled as well, with what appears to be two recesses stamped in on either side of a center spine. Finally, the lower bumper receives new fog lamps and a larger lower air intake.

    There were rumors that Dodge passenger vehicles would soon be sporting new badges that ditched the horned ram, in light of Ram trucks being spun off as its own brand. This prototype, however, is wearing a traditional Dodge badge with the hooved mammal's head in relief like always. That doesn't mean the brand couldn't swap out badges at the last minute, but if that's their plan, there's no evidence here.
  2. looks the same
  3. Looks like the Lancer.
  4. It's better but I still don't like it.
  5. This time, they've taken the Ram grill and pinched it's nose.
  6. OK now how about seeing what they did with that uber zzz ass-end its always had.
  7. does not look much different.
  8. Looks angry.
  9. I like it. (more than its predecessor, anyway)
  10. Indeed. Looks more serious. Like the new Mustang compared to the "old" one.
  11. Looks better.
  12. Sick of the #$%#ing truck grill on all their cars.
  13. Looks a little more aggressive, but overall the same.
  14. make it 2 door
  15. Almost has ugly as the current gen
  16. I don't like the current Charger, but it does look good as a police car.
  18. still shitty i see
  19. 600lbs lighter this gen

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