Spied: new De Tomaso Pantera

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    Some time ago we wrote about the return of the legendary Pantera by De Tomaso. The Italians already confirmed that this car is set to return before the end of the year. The previous Pantera was one of the most successful models of De Tomaso, a total of 5500 cars were produced between 1971 and 1991.

    The Italians are working on a new V8 engine which should provide 550 horsepower, so it would be reasonable to assume this engine will be used in the Pantera. One thing is for sure, after watching the video below we can say the sound of the engine is impressive.

    The new Pantera will be unveiled at the upcoming Los Angeles Motorshow in November. This car will be second addition of the De Tomaso line-up after the all-wheel drive Deauville. The third addition will be a limousine, which will be launched in 2012.
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    There is a video clip, nice sound:

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    This thing had appeared around 2008 I think. No one knew what it was, at first it was believed to be an esprit protoype or something.

    I don't like the front too much, I'm sure I have seen that c pillar air intake before, and overall it doesn't look much like a pantera to me. Wish they had gone for something more like this:

    It's good news anyway, and it does sound right!
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    yes it was mistaken for a Lotus Esprit prototype many times. There is also another prototype built by the same company but for another brand.
  6. -1 for no Ford V8, but still looking forward to see this.
  7. Certainly sounds very much like a Ford V8. Even if its not, they got the sound of a throaty American V8 down, so this car is a worthy successor to the original.
  8. Kind of sounds like a LS V8 engine.
  9. You think? I feel like it has much more Ford-like gargle to it.
  10. I agree. It sounds more like a Ford V8 than a Chevy

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