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  1. You know, important events, such as new year / Christmas and shit.

    I have 4 groups to manage for each event and its a mind#$%# year after year .. after year. This Christmas is more complex since we are not spending the time here but with the wife's family up north, and family over here is like angry

    Thought I'd vent.

    Rum & coke time also.
  2. ill be spending my time at my mom and dad.

    new years eve will be with friends at a techno party. mountains of cocaine
  3. powder everywhere! remember to humidify your nose often
  4. always with the parents, and probably a grandparent or three
  5. 24th with my mom, sis, brother + their bf/gf
    25th scheduled omfgstomachneedrest
    26th with dad, his gf + another 8 of my generation
  6. Ehhhh. I'm not looking forward to this stuff.
  7. I made a post and got some error <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> . So I'll retype.

    Over the years, these situations have become strangely easier in our family. Even though my parents are divorced and both my brother and sister are married and have their own families. My aunts and uncles are somehow out of the loop for holidays, and my mom's place has become the default location for everyone else.
  8. my mom used to be default until this was about to be the 3rd time in a row where we wouldn'T be there with her parents at Christmas, so this year we switched side and all hell broke loose.
  9. Seriously? Families fighting over who sees who during the holiday season?
  10. yes!
  11. Ben voyons donc!

    Split like the 24th on her side and the 25th on your side, or vice versa...
  12. Christmas with my Dad's family in North Carolina, the rest of the month visiting my mom and grandmother in Atlanta. BR's parents are j00s, so thankfully we never have to worry about splitting Xmas with them.

    Splitting up visiting time with our son is a goddamn nightmare, though. If any of you people ever have kids, have fun mediating while the various grandparents squabble over who sees the child when (especially if you live in a different town and only visit every now and then).
  13. how come?
  14. ahhhhhhhh
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  16. this.
  17. The way I've always understood it was "the girl gets christmas day"

    Growing up, my dad's side got together on christmas eve, and my moms side got together on christmas day. Now that I have a wife, we see my side of the family on christmas even, and her side on christmas day.

    We are at the point here when cousins are starting to break off because they have so many kids and my uncles are now grand parents that there's so many little families we can't possibly fit everyone in anyone's house.

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