sport auto Supertest Audi TTS

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  1. specs as tested:

    Nurburgring Nordschleife: 8:09 mins.

    just 4 secs. slower than the Porsche Cayman S, shows the potential of the TS which feels very save annd stable and can take full adavatge out of the 4WD

    Hochenheim short track: 1:16.1 mins.

    perfect hanling with the magnetic ride system in sport mode, direct sterring, very good repsonse

    0-200-0 km/h: 27.1 s

    even if this is 0.3 secs. slower as claimed by the mfr. it shows a perfect traction, the torque of the engine, the clucht and the $WD systeme fit together perfectly, also the brakes show no fading at all

    43 kg uplift and 17 kg uplift in front and rear
    Cd = 0.32

    the uatomatci rear wing reduces the uplift at the rear by 170 Nm compared to the base model 2.0 TFSI. But s also changes the balance completely as now there are 420 Nm more uplift at the front axle. The larger airt intakes in front also have some influence

    max. lat. acceleration: 1.15g

    which si slsight better than the TT 2.0 TFSI (1.1g)

    4-cylinder turbo, 1984 ccm
    bore x stroke: 82.5 x 92.8 mm
    compression: 9.8:1
    max. boost: 1.2 bar
    272 PS @ 6,000 rpm
    350 Nm @ 2,500-5,000 rp,
    137.1 PS/liter

    Michelin Pilot Sport, 245/40 ZR 18 in front and rear

    kerb weight: 1438 kg
    pwer-to-weight: 189 bhp/ton

    MSRP: 52,130 EUR as tested

    0-100 km/h: 5.7 s
    0-160 km/h: 12.8 s
    0-200 km/h: 21.9 s

    Vmax: limited to 250 km/h

    18m slalom: 69.2 km/h

    36m slalom: 132 km/h

    The TTS 1st shows some slight understeer and then some slight oversteer at the handling track and handles perfect due to the 4WD and magnetic ride suspension in sport mode, the stering is direct

    110m evasion test: 136 km/h

    the ESP is stll active even when disabled by the driver and so still has some influence on the car´s response to the driver´s reactions, the driver and electronics are not really working together and amy lead to some strange reactions at the limit

    wet handling: 1:32.6 mins.

    1st in the 110m evasion test and now int he wet handling test the TTS lsoes against the FWD 20. TFSI and this because of the 4WD making it more like driving on rails and less agiile for the driver to move the rear around and controlling it with the throttle, absolutely no vertseer


    the TTS is an interesting alternative to i.e. the Porsche Cayman S and seserves as much repect even though it comes jsut with 4-cylinder instead of a 6-c
  2. seems the TTS is no big improvement to the 2.0 TFSI
  3. this car wasn`t necesary
  4. why?
  5. Because this comes quite close to the 3.2 V6 model.
  6. This is quite a bit faster then the 3.2 model
  7. At first I thought the titled said "Supertest Audi TITS"
  8. Slower than I expected.
  9. Next supertest ?
  10. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, oct,24

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