sport auto Supertest: VW Golf V R32

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. There won't be a significant weight difference between the 4 and 2 door versions.
  2. Isnt the Jetta the no.1 choice of homosexuals or something?
  3. what does that has to do with anything ? I see lots of women driving SUV's does that mke them sissy cars ?
  4. I was making fun of Marco having a Jetta Wolfsburg, n00b
  5. fattie and yes alfa's are fatties too these days.
  6. I know he has a jetta, it was just your taunt that was stupid as hell
  7. I'd take the Megane anyday.
  8. Fags don't drive Wolfs, they drive 2.slows.
  9. How disappointing...
  10. this is a pretty lame excuse, If I may say so myself
  11. So strange...
  12. Next iussue?
  13. the 306 bhp BMW 335i coupe, sep,15
  14. Nice, I have owned the fastest VW ever
  15. I really hope about 599 an LP640....
  16. Me too... hope they won't test those winter time, with poor weather conditions... but it seems to be heading in that direction, even more if we take into account that they still have to test the 911 Turbo... since I don't think there was any supertest with that one...

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