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  1. Never owned a bike, always wanted one. Consumed by two project cars at the moment (Only going to keep one though), I want my next "new vehicle" purchase to be a bike. Weather here is predictable and, for the most part, nice all the time (Except for temperature). I do some commuting to and from work (Twenty minutes tops), not much traveling.

    Definitely do not want a Harley, I've rode a Sportster before and imagine their attempt at a sportbike/superbike (VRSC Night Rod) is probably just as poorly executed.

    I first fell in love with BMW bikes when I got the chance to sit on a touring bike about five years ago.

    So if you had the money for either of these, which would you get and why?
  2. The Aprilia, I love the way the V4 sounds, the bike is very small physically, amazing handling. Just the overall packaging is really appealing.
  3. Hyosung GT250R
  4. CBR1000RR, Technically simple and lithe. Now available in black.
  5. if Id never owned a bike, I wouldnt want any of those suicide machines.
  6. Yeah, worst choices for a first bike.
  7. buy a car.
  8. His tremendous weight will offset the performance.

    (Disclaimer: Not a serious post, any of these will still be faster than an Enzo even with a 300lb rider)
  9. RSV4 or BMW.
  10. Honda usually gets the most praise of that bunch ...

    I would go BMW ... but not that one ...and no way for a first bike
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  12. I've always been a huge R1 fan so that'd be my choice.
  13. Not the best picks for a first bike... but you make the bike as fast as you want it. Even then, these bikes are not just too powerful for a new rider, they're bigger too. So you're beginner mistakes will be multiplied. Even something in the 600 range will be so much better for you to start on.

    But on to answering your question: The BMW is the BEST bike out of the bunch. Has the most features, the most power/weight... but... it has the most power, and you're a beginner... The honda has the best midrange and riding comfort, so I'd pick that for you to crash on.

    Just make sure to get your will ready, and put me under receiver of your new (wrecked) literbike. Thanks!
  14. Would guess if he's looking at liter-bikes then he would worry about how much street cred he'd get on a 250...
  15. Don't worry, he won't actually buy a bike.
  16. probably gona buy a seat with a builtin dildo
  17. gross and unneccessary
  19. no one should own a liter bike without like 5-10 years experience no accidents
  20. yeah probly
    i used to be really excited about motorcycles
    but now i feel like its so unneccessary and impractical and not worth the risk to ride on the street
    id get a bike to ride on the track, if i had that kind of money/free time
    i think thatd be crazy fun, but i would not want to ride on the street

  21. I would imagine you have experience on bikes before you contemplate a liter bike. And if you're just commuting to work and if it's in a city then a liter bike is completely useless. You will rarely get out of 1st gear and gunning it means you need a lot of room to accelerate. I was going to buy a liter bike but stuck with an 03 R6 after a friend of mine discouraged me; he has an 04 ZX-10R and although its a great bike, its extremely impractical for daily use.

    Out of those, I would chose CBR, R1 or RSV.
  22. it's a lot of fun to ride but sooo many risks
    definitely stupid to own a crotch rocket in the city
  23. unless you can get out of town and onto some sweeping highways pretty easily
  24. You own a 600cc bike right?

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