Sports saloon, which one?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Sportscars have Italian names pronto, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. The Maserati is the fastest round a track. It´s got the best chassis, the best handling/balance thanx to transaxle lay out and the best looks IMO.

    M5 has more power, better built quality and the V10.
    Merc has tons of torque and the sound of a NASCAR.

    Which one is your choice.

    Other specify, give reason
  2. Audi RS4
  3. AM Rapide
  4. M5 hands down. its fast, its fun , it handles well, fair price and it looks mean. M5 hands down.
  5. Doesn´t excist ...
  6. Quattroporte. Or CLS55
  7. Pre 2000 Audi a8w12 or Audi s8
  9. audi rs4 and i can't wait for the new rs6
  10. Maserati
    BMW M5
  11. Quattroporte
  12. Maserati and then the CLS. They look a lot better in person
  13. CLS on looks alone, but I'd think long and hard about that Maser
  14. 2003 RS6 with a B6 S4 transmission swap.
  15. M5 by a mile
  16. even if it doesn't exist atm, its awesome
  17. Maserati
    followed by the AMG supersaloon,

    the BMW is too complicated and ugly, I don't feel like having to put my car into "launch mode" or "power mode" or "M mode" everytime I feel like having a spirited drive
  18. you're saying the M5 is ugly, yet you like the awful CLS
  19. it's not just ugly, it's also to complicated, like I said

    and the CLS is awesome, go back to the Indies n00b
  20. M5 is ugly. The CLS looks great.
  21. Fail
  22. lotus carlton

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