spotted: 2007 Passat R36

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. 300 bhp, V6

    source: AutoBild
  2. how much do u think this car will be? $40+?
  3. Considering a Jetta GLI can be $37,000cdn. I'm guessing close to 50.
  4. that motor better be in the new scirocco
  5. I read in a magazine that It will probably have it
  6. they cant make a scirocco and then not offer the top performance engine. well they can but its retarded.
  7. I like VW's cars, and it kind of makes me sad. I don't want to... haha
  8. a Jetta around 37? holy #$%#... someone has to be an idiot to pay that. I could think of many cars for that kind of money id rather have
  9. This is VW.. were talking about
  10. like an evo
  11. i still prefer the old passat in terms of look, btw this should be a good car too
  12. true, but all previous iterations of Scirocco/Corrado came with the top engine as an option
  13. Thats a start... 350Z, G35, STi, 300C, Mustang GT.... the list can go on for me
  14. The Black GTI wehre we live ...the guy said he paid over 40 grand for it ...
  15. Did they ever actually make it?
  16. Yes. Right now.
  17. Would take it over any FAGGOT 3 series BMW 316 or 318 or something like that. Probably costs less too.
  18. S60R money probably....
  19. Overhere it's 5K cheaper than the S60R, which is not even on sale anymore.
  20. I could get a barely used S60R for way less than what the gay ass Passat will be.

    Hell, I could get a barely used Phaeton for that much.

    I hate the Passat. The 4motion W8 Passats used to cost like, 5 series cash.
  21. old thread ... what a turd ...
  22. How fast do these things go compared to an S4?
  23. I know right? a 2000 passat is like $8k, FFS I'd just buy a 90s corvette for that kind of money

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