Spyder757 recommends death.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. For AMGrulz and his retarded posts.
  2. Piss off, douchebag.

    I'm sorry, I should have been more cordial, please piss off you retarded @$$hole.
  3. haha, he talks like firered, he said hes 28 somewhere, i think.
  4. He talks like he is 13 and Australian.
  5. Speaking of.....What ever happened to Firered?
  6. the bietch went crazy
  7. You talk like like you were drop kicked out of the hospital when you were born.
  8. You should use your old and new account.
  9. Who's firered?
  10. Who, me?
  11. No, spyder.
  12. I agree with Spyder's judgement.
  13. ODed
  14. supercrafreak123 said he was 35
  15. Let my add:

  16. I vote mass executions.
  17. I don't think i've ever seen an Astonghini post. What is he all about? AMGRulz annoys me with his utter lack of knowledge and his need to post about it.
  18. There are too many to list.
  19. If SPYDER 757 wishes to pass judgement upon me he should say something or stop using TDK as a puppet.
  20. he told me 25...
  21. That post is enough to request your banning.
  22. You annoy me with the simple acts of beligerence you pass of as witty in every thread. Furthermore, I think threads singling out one person are childish-but i expected no better from you.
  23. Yea, Spyder757 should stop using the TDK as a puppet they are two seperate people.
  24. I'd vote.
  25. Why me? I honestly think there are worse people on this site.

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