Spyder757 recommends death.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. shut up, you spam whoring bïtch
  2. Again, your prove your idiocy... stop while you are ahead
  3. There were only 2 diagreeable posts in that thread, That's nothing compared to what's going on here...
  4. It's not spam, it is actually relevant. the cycle of abuse is starting up, again.
  5. Shutup.
  6. It's true
  7. Dude I've been in sc.net for over 2 years now, i've never been "abused". Why ? Because I know when to shut up and when to apologise for being wrong.
    You on the other hand are just a post whoring idiot
  8. It's not abuse, it's you failing to understand anything told to you. The thread topic was F430 articles, and F430 articles were being posted. Your failure to understand this concept clearly indicates you're stupidity.
  9. I'm SORRY, i was wrong to tell bobitron to stopposting, I was wrong to ever argue with TDK, and i was wrong for saying anything at all in this thread. i shall never say anything again that contradicts all of you geniuses.
  10. good, now before you log off delete all of your posts. Save the Mods that trouble, won't you sweatheart? thanks
  11. I'm not your sweatheart, sweetheart. and I'm not ready to log off just yet.
  12. Tell me about you, how old? were do you study? etc.
  13. Oh you weren't informed ? Your now the official Sc.net whore, you are kinda like a bike , Everybody gets to ride you
  14. I wasn't given the impression that you would want to engage in idle chit chat with me.
  15. Ok.
  16. ...tell me.
  17. I'm 35, I'm not studying anywhere, and I can't believe I'm doing this...
  18. Stop lying, that better be a typo.
  19. You're right, I'm 25
  20. that's still pretty bad.
  21. How so, is this site only for younger people?
  22. no, because you sound like someone 15 at best.
  23. You're still lying. Quit changing your mind and tell us.
  24. Oh, what did I miss? I'm the Messiah, I'm here to bring peace. Have some wine, anyone here wants some fish and bread? I got it all, ladies.
  25. Oh, i was just trying to fit in with all the other immature users on this ite.

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