Spyshots: 2013 Mercedes SL-class

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    More details and spyshots of the next generation Mercedes-Benz SL have emerged. The new pictures provide a better view on the new aluminium body of the German roadster.

    The current model SL, the R230 was introduced in 2001 and received a major facelift in 2006 and 2008, so the lifespan of this model was coming to an end. The 2013 Mercedes SL will feature a more upright nose, making it more similar to the front of the CL. The rear incorporates elements from the SLS AMG.

    The 2013 Mercedes SL will be slighty larger, but also much lighter thanks to its alumunium body. This body reduces the weight by more than 100kg and benefits the fuel consumption and performance.

    The roadster will be powered by a new twin-turbo V8 engine. This 4.7 liter engine provides 435 horsepower. In addition there will be a V6 and also an impressive V12. Those who prefer the more powerful editions will be pleased to notice the SL63 AMG and SL65 AMG are in the works as well.

    The upcoming Mercedes SL will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show next January and is scheduled to hit the showrooms in spring.
  2. The profile resembles Spyker.
  3. "The rear incorporates elements from the SLS AMG."

  5. holy crap mercedes has really gone down hill. does anyone else think that the two-tone paintjob looks tacky as heck and like its made of garbage bags?????
  6. ever heard of camouflage?
  7. sure but why would they put it on their road cars? this is not a military vehicle(right??)
  8. this is a test mule (obviously) and they cover it up with this "camouflage" so that people wouldn't recognize it. like any other spy shot there is of a test mule.
    either I'm missing something about the two tone or you guys just don't understand why they would put such stickers on a test mule.
  9. SL > SLS
  10. wrong
  11. I think you're missing much more
  12. if you are saying wrong then it must mean im right
  13. It's not even a Mercedes, it has no star-logo anywhere

    Also what pixelvirgin said, that 2 tone sucks. And I don't really care of the owner likes to play ''mule'' with camouflage and all that. It will probably be hard for him or her to sell it to the used car market. I don't think there's much demand for used cars looking like this.
  14. lol idiot why would a company hide their own brand??? so ur saying pepsi covers its ads in black paint?????
  15. i probably am. saw a some posts by pixelvirgin94 ... troll doesn't even start to describe this guy....
  16. Ya he's an immature prick
  17. I have to agree w/ w00t on this one.
  18. im not a troll.
    do u even know me????
    im just a car expert informing the noobs (you)
  19. pixelvirgin is an m5 avant expert
  20. if i camouflage my car, will that get me some girls though
    why dont i know about this subculture
  21. no hybrid available? ugh
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  24. Worse looking than SLS it seems.

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