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  1. 4 inch exhaust? I didn't know that the SR20DET was a 7.0L diesel.
  2. I can get into the 450whp with my stock turbos

    Serioulsy shut up. You dont need a the brand name HKS to break into the 300-400whp
  3. i am traking KW that is more like 550 horses you need it
  4. Doyle you are a #$%#ing spastic. Shut the #$%# up.
  5. Shut up.
  6. Obvusly yoo r traking abot too difrent thinjs.
  7. your wrong you are all gay lisen to the person who knows what he is talking about
  8. You don't own an S14. You don't even know what an S14 looks like. Shut up.
  9. Considering S15's make 250 horses at the fly, getting 300 at the wheels is fairly simple.
  10. Actully, if you have a fart pipe everyone looks at you and laughs because the car/you look like a total tool.
  11. AHHHHHAHAHAHA!!! Your a funny guy...somewhat frustrationg too. Reading what you have to say is pure comedy. First off, you tell us to listen to the one who "knows what he is talking about". You may want to learn how to type and use proper grammer if you want anyone to take you seriously. And the things your saying are just plain retarded, and don't ask me to point out why, because everyone else has already done that. So my advice is eaither shut up, or continue posting so we can all keep laughing at how retarded you are.
  12. to be honnest, to me you sound like a 12 year old kid...
  13. ok, i will. where did importer go?
  14. there was a guy with these HUGE wheels and an enormous fart cannon on his Golf. I pulled up next to him, pointedly lowered my window while looking at him, he lowered his, I said "Your car looks like shit." he got really pissed off, and floored it off the line, but he was going so frickin slow. funny as hell.
  15. Im eating
  16. The funny thing is HKS TURBOS are simply simply Garrett turbos that have been rebadged. Obviously the kits are "HKS kits" as all of the different pieces (manifolds, DPs, lines, etc) are most likely being kit specific, but the turbos themselves ARE NOT made by HKS. And guess what? HKS isn't the only company that uses Garrett turbos. There are really very few turbocharger manufacturers (Garrett, IHI, Mitsubishi, etc).

    And no, you don't need a friggin' 4" exhaust. You don't even need 3" until you're making around 300+rwhp.
  17. i am talking about 550 horse power you wankers not which is about 300 KW that is what i am talking about but you are dumb
  18. it comes stock eth 157 KW to puch it to 300 is to double the stock power
  19. And you're to stupid to read the 1st post AND is a brand whore
  20. The only thing I've learned from this thread is that Doyle is a moron!
  21. The only thing I've learned from this thread is that Doyle is a moron!
  22. First of all, 300Kw does NOT equal about 550HP. 300Kw=402.31HP. Second of all, do you really think that he wants 402-530+rwhp for a daily driver 240SX? Admission is the first step to dumbass recovery.
  23. 1) I'm pushing 400HP to the wheels with 3in exhaust. I think that would be more than enough to make 300HP to the wheels.

    2) The stock turbine is capable (if not reliable) of making 300 to the wheels. A number of people simply use one of the N1 Turbines from a so equipped GTR....which is also capable of said power. (Although since Nissan uses Garrett's not much different from using HKS).

    3) Option magazine managed close to 300HP at the wheels on a Pulsar GTi-R (which for those who don't know is also an SR20DET) with a VX-ROM tune from Mine's. That doesn't seem like much to me.....and this was back in 1991, when the SR20's power output was a bit lower than of late.
  24. Turb-0WN3D!!1!!1one!
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    you could try its all about infiniti g20s and nissan primeras and the legendary SR20 and his big bro the DET and talked about a lot! theres a few members with big WHP.

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