SSC smashes 250mph!

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    American supercar breaks Koenigsegg record – and beats Bugatti too

    02nd January 2008

    SC (Shelby SuperCars) is now officially the maker of the world’s fastest production car after its astonishing 1183bhp Ultimate Aero recorded a two-way average of 256.18mph on a closed section of highway in Washington state. The driver was 71-year-old Chuck Bigelow (yes, really), who clocked 257.44mph in one direction and 254.91 on the return run to give the average, which has now been verified by Guinness World Records. It beat the previous official holder, the Koenigsegg CCR, by 15.09mph, and also eclipsed the Bugatti Veyron’s widely reported but unofficial top speed of 252mph. Bigelow is confident that the supercar could go faster still on a longer course, meaning SSC has plenty in hand should Bugatti or Koenigsegg attempt to set a new record. The Ultimate Aero uses a twin-turbocharged V8 derived from a GM engine.

  2. isn�t this old news?

    wonder why evo brought it up again today?
  3. *ajzahn brought it up again today?
  4. I wonder why you posted this three months after I did if you knew it was already announced and confirmed?
  5. becuase evo have other more important infomation to put in their magazine
  6. Ajzahn is going to publisher hell for this.
  7. 414kph on the first run? jesus
  8. very old news
  9. Negative, not old news. The original runs were not confirmed by an official run. This one was.
  10. Perhaps the panel gaps are used like the gaps in the SR-71 Blackbird. It goes so fast the metal heats and expands. :D
  12. who gives a **** if this garbage-can can hit 250mph, it doesnt change the fact that it's ugly, unuseable on a normal road, will probably break down in the first 500 miles, and a normal production car will probably never be able to hit 250mph anyway.
  13. I hope this company goes bankrupt soon.
  15. Any company that can put a car together that can reach over 255 mph and back in one piece deserves a little more respect than its getting here.

    This just isnt a straight line car remember.

    And its a production car....isnt it?

  16. production car yes.

    they wont go bankrupt.
  17. It's still a turd.
  18. That GM v8 has a good habit of making it past 500 miles no problems.
  19. I'd rather have a Z06.
  20. Even though it's a lousy car, the fact that the record was broken is newsworthy.
  21. Now if they could just cure its ugly.
  22. A "production car" in a very liberal airbags in the car, no airbag waiver on file with NHTSA, and they are not listed as an automobile manufacturer with NHTSA in the U.S.

    ...but aside from that, yes, they are producing a car.
  23. what about the 71 years old suicide driver? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  24. Just like the Bugatti and the Kseggegg
  25. Its easy to build a car capable of 250mph. I remember some Japanese chap doing it a while back with a heavily tuned Supra. So what? All you need is power!

    The trick, which seems to have been missed by the SSC designers, is to develope something of real quality and all round performance.

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