SSC Ultimate Aero II/Tuatara

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Atomic2, Sep 4, 2010.

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  2. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Looks awesome, they went to the right guy.
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  4. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Not bad from that pic.
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  6. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Well at least it's better looking than before and no longer looks like a really ugly Diablo.
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    SSC Ultimate Aero II

    This was already discussed in the thread I made about it. The same guy did the Maserati Birdcage, P4/5 and Mantide.
  8. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Liking what I'm seeing so far.
  9. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    holy shit, now they are getting the right idea.

    edit: He should contact Nelson racing. 1800 twin turbo horsepower would be a good thing. I hope the aero is all dynamic too (like the Veyron SS).
  10. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Much better looking.
  11. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    looks badass
  12. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Looks fantastic.

    Like the P4/5 and Mantide had a much better looking child.

    Would only be better if they went racing with it, but of course that won't happen.
  13. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    so much more awesome.
  14. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    I looked, couldnt find another thread.
  15. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    it's in gc
  16. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    oh look, they ripped of a bunch of other cars.

  17. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    It's a Pagani Gallardo, but I really couldn't care less.
  18. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    It reminds me more of the Birdcage than the Mantide, but much better looking that the Aero.
  19. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    at least it doesnt look shit this time

    they can work on originality for the IIIrd
  20. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    It was designed by the same Guy
  21. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Don't bother. You think anyone actually read the story?
  22. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    Hey, everyone is within their rights to bag on SSC. Us faceless internet car nerds are far superior to anyone who became independently wealthy through their own ingenuity and effort, and then embarked on living their automotive dream. Furthermore, we are right to critiscize this new effort, as who would dream of creating a second iteration of an already excellently performing vehicle to address all of the (well deserved) criticisms of the first iteration? Further still, a designer's current work rarely resembles his past designs and favorite styling cues, so this is clearly once again a case of SSC ripping off other cars. Jerod Shelby is a bum and should have just given up instead of coming back for round 2 to try and make a great car.
  23. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    well 2 of the cars or something it ripped off were designed by the designer of this!
  24. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    I'm gonna laugh if they end up being one of the most badass super car companies ever after all the flack everybody gave them in the beginning.
  25. SSC Ultimate Aero II

    The flack is still justified, the Aero is an ugly undrivable piece of shit.

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