SSC Ultimate Aero II/Tuatara

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  1. hopefully the latter. this design is just too awesome to let die.
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    GrabCAD has contests like that all the time. I have been following that site since college, never know when you will find something on there worth rapid prototyping or machining.
  3. government shouldn't have to spend anything for job creation. The problem is useless people that need to build opportunity but instead #%[email protected] about how bad things are.
  4. What's with the ancient bumps?
  5. SSC Announces Limited Production of Five Ultimate Aero XT's

    WEST RICHLAND, WA (08/02/2012)

    SSC North America, the American supercar manufacturer and creator of the Guinness World Record breaking Ultimate Aero, is proud to offer a very "Limited Edition" of the Ultimate Aero to enthusiasts worldwide. This limited, extreme edition will utilize some key assemblies that will be featured in the upcoming revolutionary Tuatara.

    "The demand for us to deliver additional Ultimate Aero's has been overwhelming," says Jerod Shelby, Founder, Lead Designer and CEO of SSC. "We have just raised the bar again by adding some of the cutting-edge elements from our Tuatara, to this very small production run of Ultimate Aero XT's."

    These five very unique, collectable Ultimate Aeros will be classified as the 2013 Ultimate Aero XT. Each 2013 Ultimate Aero XT will feature a 1300 horsepower version of the Tuatara power plant, 7-speed Tuatara paddle shift and the Tuatara cooling, fuel and braking systems.

    The aggressive paint scheme with colors chosen by the customer will never be used again on an Ultimate Aero or Tuatara. It certainly will stand apart from any other Ultimate Aero in the market today.

    After the 5 limited edition Ultimate Aero XT's are sold, production of the Ultimate Aero will permanently conclude.

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  7. those photos are absolutely terrible.
  8. oh wait it's all done on a computer because they haven't #$%#ing built one yet.
  9. Thats not gonna sell.
  10. Ah nice natural disaster backdrop. Pretty much sums up what the Aero is.
  11. So, when will SSC become a registered automobile manufacture in the U.S., and certify a turn key car for sale on the street?
  12. Why produce a Tuatara in an uglier body, when they could just produce the Tuatara?
  13. Probably got bodies they want to get rid of

  14. when i saw the thumbnails in the forum, i thought somebody mocked this car by making shitty paint drawings.

    this has to be the worst marketing/press pics i've ever seen.
  15. but you have to understand the type of person they're targeting. idiots with too much money love shit like that. thats how they see themselves in their own mind.
  16. Hopefully this isn't a thinly veiled way of them saying they're running out of funds for the Tuatara
  17. bingo... this would be my assumption.

    they used to sponsor the TeamSpeed forum, but according to a post on their, they stopped paying sponsorship quite awhile ago

    bummer, because i really wanted to see what the tuatara would do.... considering how well the less sophisticated aero performed, the tuatara should have been very impressive... starting to sound like it might not happen now <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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  19. now this car only needs it's own, American, 100% Republican Raging Balls
  20. HAHAHA What a #$%#ing joke!
  21. new sCSc Twutara now in blUe with racing parts
  22. That looks hot.

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