ST Transit unveiled

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  1. White van man has never had it so good - as these racy machines prove

    Bonnet stripes for SportVan...

    The Ford Transit SportVan takes its inspiration from the firm's ST car. Offering space and pace, Ford and Toyota pulled the wraps off the pair at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

    ange and features Performance Blue paintwork with white bonnet stripes, a silver front undertray, twin exhaust pipes and a bodykit.

    Mean 18-inch alloys riding on low-profile 235/45 section tyres complete the look. Inside, there are leather seats and luxurious equipment including air-conditioning and a six CD changer. However, there's no ST-like turbo engine under the bonnet. Based on the front-wheel-drive, short-wheelbase Transit 260, the newcomer has the same 128bhp TDCi engine. A limited run of SportVans goes on sale in June, priced £18,750.

    The Hilux Sport Concept, mean-while, boasts a lot more firepower than standard with a modified 3.0-litre 200bhp D-4D turbodiesel - 31bhp more than the regular model. The one-off Hilux features 22-inch alloys, a chrome grille, tinted windows and lights, plus lurid stickers. (Autocar)
  2. why doesnt the US get something like this?
  3. Because Americans will never accept that just about anything can be hauled around by a van with a 2 litre I4 powering it.
  4. ugly / pointless

    Bring back the Espace F1!!
  5. holy shit try making sense.

    this perfectly useable van is ugly and pointless, yet you're screaming for the most ugly and pointless van ever created to be put on the road? go back to the indies.
  6. I'd drive it. With enthusiasm.
  7. I really dig vans.

    I saw a black Transporter Crewvan with dark as hell windows and big matt-black wheels this morning.

    It was so great I almost crapped my pants.
  8. #$%# you and the indies.

    Ugly is just a matter of taste.

    This "perfectly usable van" decieves its purpose. Who the hell needs a van with pinstripes and 18 inch rims? a 30hp chip?! oh please.. anyone with a basic knowledge of diesel engines knows that horsepower doesnt mean anything. Its all in the torque. Its the garage queen of utility vehicles. something you buy just to show your neighbour that you have less taste. And who the hell cares if your ford transit ST is faster at 0-60 than..a Fiat Panda, 100HP.
    Nobody needs this van. I cant imagine even DHL or FedEx need this van. They all use standard Mercedes/Dodge sprinters and (nearly) always deliver on time. Why would they need this ridiculous jumped up van that thinks its a focus ST?

    The Espace F1 on the other hand is taking this stupid redneckmobile to an impossible extreme. Its a blindingly fast showcar, period. Renault wanted to impress by doing something different and by god did they manage.
    If you're going to do up a van, might as well do it properly. Espace F1 rocks, the idea rocks.

    this "sportVAN" is just stupid. What the #$%# is the point of a sportvan?!!

  9. Gladius, how dense are you? Did it maybe occur to you that the 30hp chip also gives increased torque?
    And the Espcace F1 is as much a van as my dick is. And what do mean about bringing it back? You want to see it on more car shows?
  10. So there would be no increase in torque with the chip?

    I see this as the Euro equivalent of sports trucks in the USA and brute utes in Australia. It's for a tradesman who earns a bit of money and wants to spend it. It certainly isn't a question of NEED.

    Only an idiot would this that DHL or FedEx would notice the blip on the radar that this represents anyway.

    Go back to the indies.
  11. this is sweet, i remember the transit connect rs concept they made a while back.
  13. Either a tard or someone succeeding quite well at mimicing bbstachas lol
  14. The car guy van. I love these.
  15. Should I ban him?
  16. Not yet, not yet.
  17. Why are you talking?
  18. wow; you're an idiot.
  19. top gear needs to review this van by taking it back to the Nurburgring, with Sabine.
  20. they'd go under 10 mins for sure

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