Stang needs a charger! HAHAHA!

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by 84 BigBlock Vette, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Ok, here's a scenario for your dumb ass. what are u gonna do to your car with 4 g's. OBVIOUSLY put a supercharger on it. I've seen tons of camaros and trans ams with SC's. so dont start a stupid argument if you can't back it up. Japan can do it, whats the eclipse GS-X or the GS-T? I guess u forgot what porsches come with didn't u? This car is cheap and a great value. Everyone wants to supercharge their cars.... Y not do it with a warranty???
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    All right my bad, I take back all the bad I said about the Cobra. I just got ticked off that Ford gets so much credit by strapping a blower to everything and anything. Also which Mustang is the top of the line the cobra or the saleen?
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    Funny you should say that, the rumor mill I heard was that ford restricted the air intake and exhaust to meet federal noise standards. If this is true... look at putting some money into open both ends up and freeing up quite a bit more power... then maybe we can help it stay neck in neck with the Z06...
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    Depends how you look at it... the Cobra is produced by SVT, which is Ford, where Saleen is a third party company that buys mustangs, modifies them, and then sells them. Although these are sometimes sold at Ford delearships with waranty, they technically are not PRODUCTION cars like the COBRA..
    does that help?
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    The Cobra would probably beat the Vette after those tiny mods. Put in Bassani Pipes and some better tires and you got an 11 second car. Still fast as shit but the Z06 doesn't do that. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I think you could of probably ran up on him, while he was still driving, punch his lights out, throw him out and jump in the drivers seat, and show em how its done.
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    yeah, what's even worst, is at the Fbody gathering in Bowling Green KY, I saw a Berger Camaro phase 2. I never heard of a phase 2 but it had 435hp! And it should've been good for 12 flats, but they guy drove like a ***** and went high 13's too! Even saw a 14 out of him! I couldn't believe it! I raced my stock SS and went 13.4 at 106mph and beat his ass! The car was beautiful though.
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    Some moderator really should ban "MamtronixFX". He is just degrading everyone in site so that he can feel better about himself after he realizes what he sounds like, a ten year old. We don't need to hear this kind of talk on here. Some people can actually speak without using every cuss-word in the book and still get their point across...much better I might add. So to every mad 12 year old who just learned to cuss, do it somewhere else, It reall makes you look immature.
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    I said it before and I'll say it again.

    I don't give a flying monkey f*** if you have ram air and a jet pack strapped to the roof. The point is you just got your ass smoked. You can whine like a little girl on her first period all you want. You still have to pay up, and make your car faster.
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    eat shit n die u fckin retard. You think this is romper room or sesame street, this is a free for all, freedom of expression, if i feel like saying your a "has-been" a wanna-be" or a b!tch on a rag..i'll say it. This isnt an elite club for exclusive members only, you idiot. Why dont you do us all a favor and stop with your whinning and parenting tactics because they are dull and boring. Practice what you preach elsewhere, this is a forum for whomever wants to express themselves, whether it be intelligent like seansvette, AmericanHP, Hoseman, etc or whether it be from some bored, pathetic useless
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    Im not going to even grace this Thread with my opinion, it's a waste of time. GO AWAY
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    Dont you people realize that a naturally aspirated engine will do better on gas then a supercharged one??!! Back to basics here! Gasoline engines run between 10:1 and 13:1 Air to Fuel and if you boost it then naturally you're gonna burn more fuel.....all I ask is some of you should think before you speak. Actually it doesnt bother me if you all sound dumb as a fence post.....LOL! Sort of amusing actually
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    Hey Captmoron, we don't care. The svt cobra is the fastest car for under $35,000, and will kick some cars asses that cost more than that. Who cares about the gas mileage? I don't, and I'm sure the people buyng the 2003 cobra don't care either.
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    No its 14.7 or 15 AIR to FUEL ratio and 8.5 to 1 compression to 11.5 to 1 compression. So when you supercharge it artifically makes your engine feel like it is bigger because it is burning as much fuel and air as a bigger engine. Say for example a 300CID engine makes 300hp and a blower blows 50% of what the displacement is so you get 450hp(but you probably loose some on the heat and pressure lost). That would be just like an engine that is 50% larger than 300CID and still gets 1hp per cube would be 450CID with 450hp. That is why if an engine has a blower that displaces as much as the Engine does NA then the engine must burn twice as much AIR and FUEL more than if it were NA running the same compression.
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    You're outta your tree vette man. If you run an engine that lean you're gonna melt something! Especially at higher compression! What do you think happens when some shmuck runs too much nitrous?? You melt pistons because nitrous leans out the mixture after combustion. Man you are stupid. I cant believe you posted that. LOL! I didnt even read the rest of your post after the first sentence.
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    When will people understand?? the object of car companies to to make things as cheap as possible but still make them as good as possible this is why american companies have the plastic bodys like on the first year ugly as hell ass-tek. American companies all have the same additide cheaper is better. Putting a supercharger on the mustang is much cheaper then reasearching and getting better technoligy for the engine, and plus it makes around the same power to weight ratio as you would do if u put more technoligy in the engine like honda does.
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    well said
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    I sense some repressed tension. What an ill-thought response to a somewhat legitimate topic.

    p.s. You seem obsessed with two things: Sex, and Dick. perhaps its about time you come out of the closet......?
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    Mustang is for people who are poorly endowed, and don't have enough money to spend on a REAL sports car.
  22. Acctually, guy, they're not... I own a Mustang. Last I checked I'm not exactly poorly endowed... And I've got more money than you could ever dream of having. People buy Mustangs because they like Mustangs. People buy Camaros and Corvettes because they like those cars. And I must ask...what is your definition of a REAL sports car...? If you are even thinking about the Skyline, go ahead and shoot yourself.
  23. wow this thread is sooo cool. it dont need a charger ford just uses one. U think ford cant make a high powered aengine without a charger. U really r dumb. Without the charger it would have about 300-350 hp dumbass. srry it still beats ur honda
  24. yeah it might not be able to keep up by a lil but an upgraded pulley [14psi] would blow that car
    i have a 96 cobra non supercharged blown a ls1 outa the water
  25. Well, it applies to most of the Mustang owners I know. Hell, I'm a starving college student and I still have more money than most of them. I dunno bout your income....see, world class rally drivers make a fair income, depending on the contract it can be as high as 70,000,000 for 3 years (highest documented WRC driver contract), and I'm headed in that direction.

    A real sports car....well now.

    If you prefer to go by the traditional definition - small, high revving, convertible, 2 seater, RWD, then I guess you could say the S2000, or Boxster is a real sports car.

    By my personal opinion, a sports car is anything that isn't quite at supercar level, but comes pretty damn close, and must have 2 doors. So, by my definition, the STi Version VI is a sports car, EVO VI, the NSX (I consider the NSX-R to be almost a supercar, but not quite), any Lotus, Ford GT, Ferrari 355, Porsche 911 GT, Tommy Kiara ZZII (I consider it to be a sports car, one that could beat most supercars), Corvette, so on and so forth...

    The Skyline is a sports which may not be great performing from the Factory (though the N1 will embarrass anything from America short of the GT, Viper, or Z06), but has some pretty good potential.

    The Mustang and Camaro and other such cars are kind of a hybrid, not quite a Muscle car, not quite a sports car, but have elements of both. They're not bad cars, but they're not great either.

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