Stang needs a charger! HAHAHA!

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by 84 BigBlock Vette, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. hey #%$, the stang was ment to compete with the camaro/firbird. If u have to bring the vette in this then the stang must kick so much ass.
  2. Well, Password, we meet again.

    Let's get a few things straight first.

    First, the Ford GT is not just a sports car, it is a supercar. It's outstanding performance when compared to heavyweights such as the SLR McLaren and Ferrari 360 Modena is impressive at the very least. And they are supercars, are they not? The only thing that makes the GT even remotely similar to a sports car is its rather reasonable price, considering that it can outdo most current Ferraris and is still vastly cheaper.

    Second, a sports car doesn't necessarily have to be high-revving or small. It simply has to be a car with a "sporty" attitude and capable of true competition. This excludes muscle cars not because of their size, but rather because of their lack of manuverabiliy. However, this segment can and usually DOES include the so-called "Pony" cars (Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Challenger, Cuda).

    And thirdly, the Mustang IS a sports car. It IS a real sports car. And I don't think there is any car out there that screams "sports car" more than the Mustang itself. Why? Because it's so versatile. You can get that high-revving V6 (which is what I assume you would prefer should you hypothetically ever consider buying a Mustang), or you can get the torquish V8 which provides outstanding power in a slightly heavier package. Ford engines tend to be very easy to modify due to the vast availability of damn near everything, and they also can withstand quite a lot. The transmissions in all new manual Mustangs are Tremecs, which is arguably the biggest performance transmission manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the biggest in the world. It's got racing heritage behind it, in both your track-style Trans Am series and your straight-line-muscle style NHRA series. And finally, it's affordable. A true sports car needs not to carry a fancy nameplate on it (as Porche and Lotus do), but rather be an all-around performance machine.

    With a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and a starting price of about $25,000, I think it's safe to say that the current Mustang GT is precisely the ideal sports car if you want bang for the buck. Though this is strictly a matter of opinion, no one can argue against the fact that the Mustang is indeed a good and true sports car.
  3. It may sound like I'm new, but since I've been here reading some your messages on here, especially this every one it sounds like you're a brand loyalist...RIGHT??? Now it doesn't go without saying you do have good taste, but brand loyalty should step aside for a change here, because the Camaro/Firebird and Mustangs are both; Muscle and Sports Cars, and saying there "hybrids" or "not quite a muscle car & not a sports car"... is outlandish to someone like me, because my family and I have owned both a '79 Camaro Z/28 with a built corvette racing (street tuned) 327cid engine, and a '85 Firebird (the base model, of course) even though I didn't personally drive them they both felt what a sports car/muscle car should feel like, anyways. Which is having and owning (the vehicles in question), and driving them for the fun and enjoyment, excitement, and thrill of it out on the open road...that's among many definitions of a "true sports car", that and being a "TRUE DRIVERS CAR"!!

    Oh, since when is the Skyline a "sports sedan", nothing like contradicting your self, huh??? Because, you said and I quote you, "a sports car is anything that isn't quite at supercar level, but comes pretty damn close, and must have 2 doors." Well it seems that since the '92-'02 Nissan Skyline GT-R have "2-DOORS", also with a 2.6L twin turbo straight inline-6 and a Hollinger semi-sequential 6-speed manual, with a McFerson Strut with upper/lower control arms or "A-arms", up front and in the back has a McFerson Strut Multi-Link rear suspension setup. Plus, Vented/Ventilated Brembo Disc brakes F/R. Also, the '90-'01 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Specs held Nurburgrings' fastest lap, until the '02 Porsche 996 911 GT2 came out. So, how is it not a true sports car?? After all the Skyline GT-R was for at least 11 years the fastest production car around the Nurburgring's Nordschliefe, not bad for a "not-so quite true sports car"!!!

    Oh, the Camaro/Firebird have as guessed it..."2-DOORS", and both feature torquey V-8s with Termec 6-speed manuals with stout front and rear suspensions, and of course vented-ventilated f/r disc brakes. Please, read Car Craft, Hot Rod and Popular Hot Rodding, because they define these as Pony Cars of the Muscle Car lineup, meaning they're the "sports cars but with muscle car DNA", Trans Am racing quickly comes to my mind, and Roger Penske's name also comes to mind, as well. Which you should know was all about taking pony cars from GM/Ford/Mopar around all the U.S based road courses, back in the 60s-mid 70s. One track comes my mind, Watkins Glen in Watkins Glen, NY was one of them, I hope you herd of it, because Formula 1 back in the 40s to mid 60s held an annual race their, again not bad for "not-so quite muscle/sports cars"!!!

    In closing, do not JUDGE car by what it looks like on the outside, until you DRIVE it. Just like you should never JUDGE a book by its cover, until you READ its contents inside of it.
  4. WOW...and I thought all this time it was owning and driving a '59-'64 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, (oh, you know the god forsaken waste of space and iron/steel construction you see rolling around the U.S, possibly some other foreign countries) would be construed as overcompensation, plus with us men our huge alter egos and our prostates which are larger than there egos now.

    So, according to your "philosophy" my father is poorly endowed, eh?!? So, that means me and brother are as well, huh?!?...HMMM, and would you know this, how?!? Did God create you with some psychological or meta-physical power even I don't have?!? Plus, excuse us the "Lower to Middle income" citizens can't afford the cars you can. This so-called "philosophy" I want NO part of...THANK YOU!!!

    How would you like it if I judged you based upon your actions/attitude or what you couldn't afford, PAL!!! I hope you'd feel like SH*T!!! But, that doesn't prove anything anyways and, why should I lower and debase myself to your level??...Just doesn't make any sense too me.

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