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    No point in bringing up that old TLJ thread. Let's dedicate a thread to an entire franchise with the drama and trolling and the waffle stomp more fun to watch than the actual movies.

    Anyone seen Solo yet? I heard it's pretty good, despite being a major disappointment at box office.

    Releasing Solo in late May is bad timing, stiff competition with Infinity War and Deadpool 2 also in theaters, which must have contributed to it falling short of expectations in box office.

    And I wonder how much the overwhelmingly negative reception of The Last Jedi have contributed this. It probably had made a lot of audiences to lose interest in the story.

    I mean ruining the most popular character (Luke in this case) in a franchise was not a smart idea if you want to keep your audiences, regardless of what kind story / lore it is. Imagine Superman and Batman got turned into weak chumps, or T-Rex got turned into Barney, or Goku got turned into Yamcha.

    And let the drama unfold:

    This article thinks its because of the SJWs

    This guy thinks its because we need more Women:

    This article thinks they might fire Kathleen Kennedy:

    And this guy thinks its because Rian Johnson is great and the fans are idiots.
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    Two short excerpts from the above article is enough to sum up everything. No politics, no SJWs vs. fans and audiences. Just from a story perspective.

    "Without any good reason, it completely destroys his established character and turns him into a terrified and cowardly old man committed to dying alone wallowing in regret. By strongly contrasting Luke with the saintly Rey, and presenting her as a flawless paragon of moral perfection, the film not only makes her a distant character who’s hard to relate to, it also belittles the struggles of Luke and Anakin and all of their allies"

    "In all six of the pre-Disney films, Star Wars’ protagonists undergo years-long inner journeys that change and shape their characters, leading to choices that drive the narrative. Those heroes’ growth through various challenges (based upon the Joseph Campbell ‘hero’s journey’ template that Star Wars greatly popularized) shaped their inner evolution while simultaneously driving the narratives of their respective films."

    Sums up pretty well.

    Audiences are not going to waste their money to watch a poorly written Mary Sue character.
  3. Needs more Ewoks.
  4. i agree, more supraman
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  5. Ewoks: A Stick Wars Story
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  6. RIP @SupraMan
  7. I got trolled by his force ghost last night
  8. Drilled*
  9. It was actually both.
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    With all the rumors on Kathleen Kennedy stepping down, I think it's a bad idea. She should be staying IMO. It's not like getting a new president for Lucasfilm will bring the SW back to the days before Last Jedi. It will just cost Disney more money. It may bring back some fans, but it will not bring back the general audiences. Nothing to do with boycotting. Audiences no longer interested in the story anymore after watching the Last Jedi.

    What the Rian Johnson did with The Last Jedi did was making all the challenges and struggles of the previous characters had gone through completely irrelevant and worthless. We had the complete destruction of Luke Skywalker as a character. RJ completely destroyed and humiliated the character in his film. And we got Rey who is arguably the most overpowered character in cinematic history and the quintessential Mary Sue who is 100% perfect and got all the power handed to her. A few days of training is enough to make her more powerful than all the other Jedi who had gone through a lifetime of conflicts and struggles is the type of story that most audiences prefer not to waste time and money on.

    Some say SW is ruined. IMO "ruined" is not a proper term. "Changed forever" is a more fitting term. The Star Wars that we were familiar with is gone forever after the Last Jedi. There is nothing they can do to bring it back now. Some people should just learn to let it go instead of making insults on the internet. The franchise will go on, but catering to a completely different audience.

    The main challenge now for Disney is to start over and attract new audiences. A good percentage of previous audiences are not coming back. Every person I know who had seen the Last Jedi says they will most likely never go see another Star Wars film ever again. But they are regular audiences, not the so-called fans. I guess the ones who truly love the franchise will stick around for future movies.
  11. No, it's ruined.
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  12. i dont get it
    i thought it was ruined because of sjws
  13. It has to be a Russian conspiracy to place the blame on the SJWs, right?
    I mean why would SJWs want to humiliate and destroy Luke Skywalker? It doesn't even fit into their normal agendas.
    Again, SW is gone forever for many of us NOT because of identity politics, it's because of the complete destruction of its iconic character.
  14. Disney ruined Star Wars hardcore.
    It isn't even because of SJWs. I'm sure a solid female role could have been written that meshed with current attitudes.
    It's really because they decided to go the blockbuster route and be everything to everyone. Freaking blows.
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    I think the hardcore fans will stay, while the much of the casual fans and general audiences will abandon the franchise. The low box office of the most recent movie, as well as low toy sales, and DVD of TLJ falling way short of expectations all points to they are losing customers.

    Leia and Ahsoka Tano are great female characters that people love.
    Rose Tico is poorly written but at least some people could relate to her.

    Rey is just horrible in my opinion.
    Kathleen wants girls to relate to her, but how can humans relate to the perfect being who easily achieves the highest levels of powers with minimal effort? It's like parents telling daughter she is so special and talented that she can achieve anything without putting in efforts. I will not waste one more penny on this kind of crappy story.

    And it still doesn't explain why Luke was being humiliated like that.
    The only reason I can think of is Rian Johnson's own hatred towards the character.
  16. you guys it sucks because they are milking the franchise dry
    this happens whenever they try to take something good and make it a yearly release franchise

    yearly releases are for things like sports games and saw movies, and we all know they are anything but art or quality
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    IMO making too many movies is not the problem. Force Awakens and Rogue One were better than Phantom Menace and Attack of Clones.
    From the online reviews, Solo is a good movie too. Kudos to Ron Howard for making such a good film on such a tight schedule.
    It shows Lucasfilm and Kathleen is more than capable of keep the franchise going.

    Its when you leave a big project like EP8 in the hands of an incompetent / arrogant troll like Rian Johnson, everything goes down the toilet.
  18. They know me well.
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  19. Let's have a real conversation about feminism.
    Feminism as it is now is a corrupted version of what it should perhaps be. Everyone is so caught up with intersectional labeling of this and that that they don't stop and think about the fallacy they are committing.
    Lets unpack this:
    Modern feminists like to label this and that in order to fit their core argument. Their core argument, one of many seemingly, is that women are oppressed. Intersectional feminists go beyond this notion however and throw in the kitchen sink in order to make their argument cohesive. For example, they'll throw in minorities, trans people and the gay community, all in an effort to stick it back into their core argument: that they are oppressed. However, seeing as women are no longer oppressed in the 1800s sense or even in the modern era sense (suffrage era) they point to who their oppressors are. WHITE MALES. You see this has the effect of garnering support for these mainly (white) women who are truly historical oppressors along with their male companions. I'm sure all of us acknowledge that imperialism/colonialism was a thing and we all know that it was bad. However, it stands to reason that entire western nations, women included, subjugated many of these people. Their argument crumbles when they do not have the support of the minority population because what they are pointing toward as being the oppressors are really themselves as well. Their manipulation of minority populations has been successful and has co-opted many sectors however people aren't stupid. Everyone know that women aren't oppressed at all, especially not in comparison to the history of true oppression that the black community for example has endured.

    Second, a very technical matter. Intersectionality is premised on reference. Referencing this or that as male or female, black or white, this or that. The problem with reference is twofold. First that reference in itself is a social construct. I agree with them on that point but not in the sense that they think is adequate, however this becomes super messy and is of no practical use. We say someone is male or female in the same way that we say brown is brown and white is white or duck is duck. Reference does not exist, I don't think they know what reality really is. We can easily shift reference from duck to dog. (see Bertrand Russell's theory of descriptions for an in depth technical view of this. essentially you can change any reference to point to any other obeject. All in the linguistic sense). Second, the problem with their arguments is a social one. They are creating SEGREGATION. Reference inherently categorizes. They are only isolating communities into echo chambers. Minorities will only get along with minorities, and white women with white women apparently (u go gurl). In effect this is the new rise of the white (female) supremacist.

    /rough blog
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  20. To paraphrase; they're hypocritical bigots.
  21. Pretty much.
    This is just a wave/fad and it'll pass just like any other.
    Personally, I'm the type that believes that extremes are necessary for compromise. As annoying as they are, SJWs have some very valid arguments that can stand to eventually improve our society.
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    When you take into consideration their Supreme Leader is an extremely obnoxious human being with no redeeming qualities, this comes as no surprise.
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  23. yeah heading the right direction but i think theyve overstepped their bounds in some very obvious and ridicule worthy areas. the pendulum will swing back towards the backlash
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