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  1. This vehicle is desperately needed in the U.S. The S.U.V. and crossover craze is making me nauseous. The styling is incredibly ostentatious, the way a car should be. It makes the Dodge Viper look like a Pontiac GTO.
  2. Gah...I need to move to the U.K.
  3. I hate all the stringent vehicle laws in the US, is that maybe a reason none are coming over? Cause there's controversy over stopping imports of the F430 because of airbag issues and small children.
  4. plus, americans don't know good syle/looks even if it kicked them in the ass
  5. Yep, theres a lot of laws that make TVR's illegal n the states, but thoes can be addressed, it's just a cost thing.
  6. Oops, meant ot quote the other guy. I'm American and I like it so whatdya mean that americans don't know good styling?
  7. It was probably just a joke, but there's a few American cars I like the looks of, I really like the Shelby Series 1.
  8. Well, in the UK our import specialists alter imported cars to make them comply with our vehicle laws, that's how you get the occasional new Mustang driving around. Surely there are companies who can do the same thing in the US, for cars like the Sagaris?
  9. TVR is on its way in 2009
    TVR never gave their cars catalytic converters to make regualation emission, i guess they didnt feel like it
    They originaly didnt come to the US because they only 600 cars a year and would not be able to keep up with demand. But there are rumors of TVR building scattered exotic dealerships.

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