Stats are wrong!!

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  1. Instead of was supposed to have 252-284bhp and a top speed ofat leadt 130mph.<!-- Signature -->
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    i agree carreraRS.
    It's the stats of the 1990 model. it's hp is 185kw/252HP and top speed is about 142,9mph/230kph.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yea euro spec 500's ranged from 230 to 250 horses
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    that is too funny
    I had a 500 sel 1987 it has 230 bhp and I was going on 200 kph (4800rpm) easily... One time I was late to a ferry and I get to 210 it (5'100rpm) so...
    It can go to 6'000...
    These stats are so wrong...
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    i have a 1989 300 SE and i am searching for the dimensions of the car like the height from the ground, the dimensions of the wheels and their positioning, and other details can someone plz point me to a website where i can find these info plz
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    i agree with you. my father had a 1985 500sel, he could set the cruise control at 145mph no problem.
  7. yeah there wrong
  8. i have one with custom exaust and it has 297BHP and theres no way it could go from 184BHP to what i have now just from exhaust. so yea you are right.

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