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  1. now i know some other people have already posted some stuff about the stats but here they are from the Febuary 2002 MOTOR TREND:

    0-60 4.07
    0-100 9.48
    1/4 mile 12.48 @ 114.9 mph
    0-100-0 13.56
    60-0 104 ft
    skidpad .99g
    600ft slalom 70.3 mph

    thoughs are the good ones that people care about reading. i didn't put 0-30, 0-40, 0-50 and so on, because no one really cares that much
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    Thanx for the stats, that one fast car!!!
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    it's a ferrari eater
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    Hey, you can have the USA, it's AUS (australia baby) for me anyday!!

    (No i'm not trying to insult, just voicing my opinion)
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    australian cars rock!
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    Yeah, but I'd still rather have an American car.For me, it's domestic
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    why did you say that when your name is "US cars rule"? i don't get that.
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    lol i think its funny because the Holden (sp?) that you have over there (that's going to be the 2004 GTO here) uses a bunch of GM (American) parts... i don't see what you're trying to say.
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    Yeh the aussie equivalent to this(Z06) is the HSV GTS. It's got the same engine and gearbox(i think) but the suspension, chassis are different.

    Here are pics
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    Sure is
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    ferrari eater maybe, but cant it match the aura of a ferrari. no. ferraris arent just about the speed, theyre about the whole feeling.
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    why does chevy have It a 3.9 on thier site. are they ignorant about their cars?
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    american car companies love to grossly inflate their numbers. duh.
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    wierd...i saw a video of a modded suzuki swift eating this on a not insulting this car,but i think its just weird that it lost to such a crappy car(modded or not its still crappy)...i like this car a lot and i kicked my desk pretty hard when i saw the swift winning(yes my foot still hurts).

    Just thought you should know

    The swift wasnt really winning because of the turns, it was generally a faster car

    (dont ask me where i got it, a friend gave it to me and wont tell me where he got it....asshole)
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    yeah sure

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