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  1. this is from MOTOR TREND:

    0-60 7.39
    0-100 19.59
    1/4 mile 15.77 @ 90.59mph
    60-0 118ft
    100-0 327ft
    600ft slalom 67.1mph

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    Yeah, my Motor Trend
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    0-100 7.4 only ??
    does that mean the mazdaspeed protege is about 7.4 0-60 also????
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    noooooo it's my motor trend. remember? you gave it to me.

    and to the other person i think you ment 0-60 right?
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    The Focus RS does not use a Zetec engine as it couldn't be called an RS. RS cars use Ford DuratecRS engines, and the Focus RS has 215hp front wheel drive and 0-60 in 6.4 with a top speed of 147mph, doesn't sound like much but in the dry it beats the Subaru WRX STi round any Track, admittedly it won't beat the Evo Vii round the same track but it'll come damn close!
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    Course he does
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    Wow, the STI has a 0-60 time of 4.5, top speed of 149mph, superior handling, high and low end acceleration, weight distribution, and drivetrain. Tell me, how exactly could the RS possibly beat the STI on ANY track?

    The performance of the EVO VII and STI is so similar between the two that the RS would have to achieve lap times that are within hundredths of a second of both cars to beat the STI but not the EVO (unless of course you place a horrible driver in the STI)
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    too bad the RS isn't coming to the U.S. so that we could see for ourselves. although some how i think it'll be beaten with the absence of AWD and 85 bhp
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    What about the two cars being compared in Europe? It happens, and often, I'll post a link when EVO does their next comparison between the two.
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    u all do realzie that for 1k more (actully 19,995) u can get an SRT-4
    230 hp to the ground/ and 240 lbs. of torque
    0-60=5.4 sec
    0-100=13.7 sec
    1/4 mile in 14 sec flat
    limtied slips avaliable (sp?)
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    A SRT-4 has less aftermarket potental [partaly a lack of parts], the SVT has one manufacuerer that makes a RWD kit. almost doubleing the performance.
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    how many times must i say that rwd only get's u off the line a bit quicker but does NOT!!!!! relace hp,reduce weight, and most of all does not inprove svt's to beat srt-4's, heck wrxs can't either, come close, but not there yet, and Mopar make 3 stages of suspension 1 tubro kit and (2nd comes very soon) and the 3ed befor the end of '05 (so i've heard) and the SRT-4 beat the wrx on the skid pad. i used to be a wrx fan but this is so much better
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    No it's not.

    AWD is always going to do worse on the skidpad because with gradually tightening turns under hard acceleration, AWD will always skid, to maintain the turn radius (hence staying in control). Under appropriate weight transfer however, AWD cars will always hold better traction.

    WRX's are quicker in acceleration to 160km/h, but beyond that the SRT-4 comes out ahead.....right, as if you'll ever get much over 160km/h in a race involving passenger cars. On the street you might, but the Guy in the WRX will still win 9 times out of 10.

    first of all civics are slow...except for the si's and type-r which is not available in the U.S. The SVT would KILL an SIf both are in stock form, ive seen it with my own eyes. you can't compare a type-r to the SVT for one because they are in two totally different markets and second the cost of the type-r is much higher. any stock CIVIC SI sold in the us will not beat a SVT FOCUS and thats the facts accept it. and for the STI and EVO, the EVO is an all around better and more drivable car.

    No they're not, the SVT (or ST170) was released in Europe first, to compete with the Type-R, so they're both for the exact same market.

    And the Type-R which is in the same class as the SVT, blows the SVT away.

    I don't think you know what you're talking about with the STi and EVO, the EVO has a stiffer suspension, and thus, has much worse ride comfort. The STi is faster, has a bit of inherent understeer, while the EVO isn't quite as fast, but has inherent oversteer, for the less experienced driver, oversteer is better, but for the better driver, a bit of understeer is ideal.
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    you america-lovers seriously get on my nervs. america is a lovely country, the only problem is filled with overly-patriotic-stupidly-religious-buttheads... and america shouldn't talk bad about foreigners cause america was built up by foreigners and is basically only a colony of former europeans and asians! think about that guys...

    and think about it why it is ok that america with only 5 percent of the world's population uses up 60 percent of it's (the world's) natural resources and produces 25% of all the pollution on the planet! thanks for ruining the life of my grand kids! V8 rules, with the milage of those engines, you guys gotta be kiddin me!

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