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  1. Road and Track

    0-60 3.6
    0-100 8.7
    1/4mile 12.0 @ 121.0mph
    top speed 205mph
    60-0 122ft
    80-0 213ft
    skidpad .90g
    slalom 65.7mph

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    Test by Automobilismo:

    1/4 mile: 11.54s @ 123.3 mph
    1 km: 20.98s @ 155.0 mph
    top speed: 203.1 mph

    Test by Auto, Italy:

    1/4 mile: 11.52s @ 124.3 mph
    1 km: 20.91s @ 158.6 mph
    top speed: 202.7 mph
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    what about 0-60 or 0-62(0-100kmph)

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    Auto Italia test:
    0-100kmh: 3.62s

    Automobilismo test:
    0-100 kmh: 3.64s

    Murcielago (and Diablo) have to change gears at 62 mph (100 kmh). For this reason there exists a big difference between 0-60 mph and 0-62 mph times with Murcielago (and Diablo). Murcielago can be in 1st gear at 60 mph, but has to be in 2nd gear to arrive at 62 mph!!

    R&T did 0-60 mph in 3.6s, and Auto did 0-62 mph in 3.62s, but the Auto test has a much better start. If R&T were to measure 0-62 mph instead of 0-60 mph, you see that they would not make as good time as Auto or Automobilismo! They are in 2nd gear to measure 0-62 mph, but R&T is in 1st gear to measure 0-60 mph!

    Quattroruote did this test of Murcielago:

    0-100 kmh (62 mph): 3.9s
    0-160 kmh (100 mph): 8.2s
    1/4 mile: 12.0s @ 122.1 mph

    Compare with R&T:

    0-60 mph (97 kmh): 3.6s
    0-100 mph (160 kmh): 8.7s
    1/4 mile; 12.0s @ 121 mph

    This Quattroruote test is a little faster than R&T, if you compare 0-100 mph time (8.7s vs. 8.2s) and 1/4 mile trap speed (121 mph vs. 122.1 mph). And if R&T were to measure 0-62 mph, they would not match Quattroruote time of 3.9s either! In the R&T test, Murcielago probably did 0-62 mph in 4.0s!
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    Whats the actual Hp?? Some magazines say 571, 575, 580... what is actually correct? Anyone know?

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    Different countries have different ways of measuring hp. Murcielago has 580 hp according to European measurements (app. 571 hp converted to North American measurements). But it is the same car.
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    Dude, where do you get all those Italian Magazines.
    I have to buy a whole shitload of them in the summer and read them when I come back, and it's getting annoying.
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    I seen one dyno'd at 585 HP.

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