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    0-60 7.22
    0-100 19.49
    1/4 mile 15.58 @ 90.28 mph
    60-0 121ft
    100-0 353ft
    600ft slalom 63mph
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    but it seems so much faster. i've also heard 0-60 time was 6.9 tested by nissan and 7.1 by another magazine. i think it's the driver more than the car on some of these tests. thanks for the stats though. and yes it actually will brake that well. i've done some quick stops before.
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    do you have one? that's cool if you do but i think i'd have gotten a SVT Focus
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    man screw the SVT Focus! It's had more recalls then you can shake a stick at. The only thing it has going for it is that its has decent handling and really good brakes. But as for times in magazine they are always BS times. I never take the them serious. I just treat them as ball park numbers. I currently hold the title for the second fastest stock Spec V with a 1/4 time of 15.193. And I just learned how to power shift so I'm hoping to break into the 14's. And the best part about the Spec V is to the Focus is that its a 4 door!
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    decent handling? it's got the best handling in it's class! but i do wish that it was a little fast (0-60) but oh well. hey and if you think that the only thing with 4doors is jap crap go look at the Dodge Neon SRT-4 0-60 5.6 seconds
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    Yeah well you also have to use your brain and realize somethin else here genius. I got my Spec V fully loaded with everything but ABS for $18,065 no when you can find a a Neon SRT-4 for the same price with every option but ABS then come back and talk to me. But until then stop comparing cars that are $10k+ more then the car I am talking about. And also it take a turbo putting out 14 psi to beat my NA engine.....I would hope with any car putting out 14 psi that it would beat my NA engine. With the money I saved with getting my Spec V an putting the difference between the Spec V and the SRT-4 I would be smoking the SRT-4 with all the money I had left for mods....whats next? You saying how the SRT-4 will beat up on a Daewoo Lano's? :\
    Here's the timeslip for my car that I ran at Atco. I currently have the 2nd fastest stock Spec V in the USA and since I just learned how to powrshift I'm hoping to break into the 14's. My times are on the right side under FastSpecV *my screen name on another website and I raced my friend in his 01 Maxima SE*
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    u tell em man, i got a silver spec v. All i gotta say is that thing is faster than ppl imagine, ive whooped plenty of v6's and some old muscle v8's all stock so far.
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    I also agree with SHOboy. The SRT-4 is not even in the same price range as this vehicle. I'm going to be buying a Spec-V shortly here for about 19k canadian and the SRT-4 is running almost 30k canadian, with a turbocharger on top of that. And I've also seen a couple SRT-4's on the road that are wheezing and coughing like they have big holes somewhere in the induction system (ie: turning the car off right away after running it hard...sigh, no more turbo bearings) The only other vehicle thats in it's price range(bang for buck anyway) that can be bought here is a SVT Focus and there are 0 of those things available anywhere in the city. My buddy is actually looking into one of those, but he can't find one in the province either. with a couple simple bolt on mods (full 2 3/4 exhaust, Short ram intake, and bigger fuel injectors with a controller) i've seen one of these running over 220 HP to the wheels...dynoed. I mean, the SRT-4 is only getting 230 HP to the crank, maybe only about 200-210 to the ground and it needs a lot of boost to do it. Not like the Sentra isn't running a fair amount of compression, but it can still be made competitive, or atleast made the way it should have been made by Nissan in the first place <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    No u havent! 3 Nissan sentra type Rs raced at Irwindale speedway!!!! They continously ran 10.8s in the 1/8 mile...ThAts SLOW!!!!!!! The best one did 10.6...Thats also SLOW...My stock Buick did 10.47 on 87 octane and its a very heavy car!

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