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  1. 0-60 5.30
    0-100 13.23
    1/4 mile 13.8 @ 102.5mph
    60-0 119ft
    600ft slalom 62.5 mph
    weight 3500lbs

    for all of you who are missinformed or who don't have a subscription to any mags
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    Actually I've seen the Mach 1 run 12.97 on 1/4 Mile.
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    was that on slicks?
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    Mustang Monthly. Great issue that one.
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    Daily = Ford! lol
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    oh come on people!! this is a great car and all you can think to say are dumb things like that?!?!?! i hope you don't mean them. those times are as good or better then a Camaro SS and with only 305hp
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    the reson i said that was because some people came in and posted stupid stuff like "fix or repair daily" and "found on road dead" and that makes me really mad when people do that.
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    hahahahahahaha....GOOD quote
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    I think its funny when these Chevy guys think the Camaro is soooo much better than the Mustang but the Mustang with a smaller engine
    and less aerodynamics and less power like this Mach 1 can run almost
    the same times in the 1/4 mile as the LS1 Z28 stock.

    Plus you bowtie buttholes should give Ford some credit because there would be no Camaro if there was no Mustang.
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    on drag radials
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    Dude you are so off on some things...
    1.The mach 1 stock will run a 13.4 all day long, period. With drag radials it will run in the high 12's. It is a fast car, and will hang with a camaro ss.
    2.The engine is a modded 2001 cobra engine, with new cams, intake, and exhuast. It is not from a 94 svt cobra, not in a long shot.
    3.Ford says it has 305hp, but some mags say its closer to 340hp.
    And last, yes it's true, without the mustang their would be no camaro. Chevy brought out the camaro in 67 to directly compete with the mustang. They (chevy) started working on the camaro right after the mustang came out and sold a record number of cars. Right then chevy knew they needed something to compete with fords mustang. Again without the mustang the camaro would have never been produced.
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    The Mach name was a good idea to bring back. i hope they carry it onto the next version of stang. And i hope also that bigger displacment will be used for the stangs engines. like the 384ci they r devoloping in AUstralia at Ford Performance Vehicles. Produces somthing like 500hp.
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    AmaricanV8 first of all i'd like to say that i enjoy reading what you have to say about cars, but the engine in the Mach 1 is a 94 (i think i read it in Car and Driver). i need to go to bed right now but the next time i'm online i'll post a link to the story so you can read it for yourself.
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    No its not, they were wrong. The 94 still had the 302!!! The mach 1 does not in any way have the 94 cobras engien, period. I know that some mag said that, but they are wrong, very wrong...
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    yeah now that i've read my Road & Track that came today i see that it is the 2001 Cobra engine and not the 94. i think it was Motor Trend that made the mistake of saying it was a 94 because that's one full test of the Mach one that i've read. sorry about that.
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    howd they get the weight off for the mach 1?
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    Buy not adding the super charger, iron block, intercooler and piping for it like the 2003 cobra has. It weighs more then the GT does though, buy around 200lbs.
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    does the supercharger add that many lbs?
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    I bought one (mach1). It's been a fun car so far. Havent had a chance to get it to the track yet though.
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    that's awesome, i'd love to just ride in one let along own one.

    P.S. i was bored today and put together this picute of the 2003 Mustang GT, what do you think?
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    You are absolutely right. The reason we have muscle cars, such as the Charger, the Camaro, and the Stingray, were built to compete with the Mustang.
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    the 03' cobra also has indapendent rear suspention

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