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  1. IMAGIN IF YOU WERE AT A street circuit like monaco of albert park and sneakly hopped in to a F1 car and took it out of pit lane and on to the street coz buy the time you ran out of fuel you could be in any gaRAGE ANY WERE TO HIDE TILL THE NEXT ICE AGE WERE YOU CAN FINALY COME OUT AND KNOW ONE WOULD REMEMBER
    lol IM NOT REALY SERIOS.<!-- Signature -->
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    i know ya joking but how would you start the car
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    push the damn start button, their ain't no damn keys in a racecar
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    F1 cars dont have a battery on board, you would need to plug in the mobile battery.
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    and you would crash and burn nastily in the first corner...
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    u wouldnt be able to start it they dont have starter motors ud have to hook itup to the mobile starter

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