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  2. Don't share this with other people!
  3. That's almost the whole point.
  4. This is so awesome, I only read like a few and knew waht this is about. Then I wished I found it so I could keep this all to myself.
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    I've seen it before at a friend's house. He was a pretty cool guy, had lots of random stuff

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    Some of this shit seems super hardcore. Like sneaking onto planes without paying.
  7. I think it was written before all the bullshit
  8. haha reminds of the Anarachist Cookbook
  9. so.... it teaches you how to rip off... everything? I didn't go any further than the first link
  10. You mean 9/11? It talks about air marshals and I dont think they were around before that.
  11. You like?
  12. I must consult it before I go to buy.... anything.
  13. Another good bit is to rent a safe deposit box (only about $7.00 a year) in a bank using a phony name. That usually only need a signature and don't ask for identification. When you get a box, deposit a good size dead fish inside the deposit box, close it up and return it to its proper niche. From then on, forget about it. Now think about it, in a few months there is going to be a hell-of-a-smell from your small investment. It's going to be almost impossible to trace and besides, they can never open the box without your permission. Since you don't exist, they'll have no alternative but to move away. Invest in the Stank of Amerika savings program. Just check out Lake Erie and you'll see saving fish isn't such a dumb idea. If you get caught, tell them you inherited the fish from your grandmother and it has sentimental
  14. eBooks I may or may not have and may or may not have read:

    Steal This Book, by Abbie Hoffman
    Improvised Munitions Handbook, by the United States War Office (1969)
    Guerrilla Warfare, by Che Guevara
    The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels
    Freakonomics, by Stephen Levitt
    The Art of Deception, by Kevin Mitnick
    Anarchist's Cookbook, *various*

    Everyone should have a helmet. Your head sticks out above the swarming crowd and dents like a tin can. Protect it! The type of helmet you get depends on what you can afford and how often you'll be using it. The cheapest helmet available is a heavy steel tank model. This one is good because it offers ear protection and has a built-in suspension system to absorb the blow. It is also bullet proof. It's disadvantages are that it only comes in large sizes and is the heaviest thing you'll ever have on your head. It costs about $3.00. For $5.00 you can get a Civil Defense helmet made for officers. It's much lighter, but doesn't offer protection for the ears. It has a good suspension system. If you get this model, paint it a dark color before using it and you'll be less conspicuous. Our fashion consultants suggest anarchy black.

    ...and then it goes on to tell more about helmets
  16. I've read half of those. Freakonomics was fan-freaking-tastic

    you should pm me a link for the ebook, or post it in here i guess
  17. He should post links here.
  18. This is all I got, but I download a new one now and then. PM -> MSN me or something.

    Edit: On my hard drive = no links.
  19. Reminds me of the anarchists cookbook when I was like 13. It's so clear that half the shit in there has never been tried.
  20. I've had it for years.
  21. There were air marshals before 9/11. They are much more common these days though.
  22. i've read the whole thing, awesome book.
  23. Can someone give cliffs on how to get free stuff/does anything in there actually work?
  24. It lists Richard M Nixon as the current president and the copyright is from 1971.
  25. Most people who believe they can get quick money by trying a few of those gimmicks usually end up with a felony a few months later.

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