Steve Jobs has died.

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  1. kankerfone

    -a joke for dutch people.
  2. what is bill gates' legacy?
    he got rich off of software licensing, don't people generally hate that?
  3. Breathed pretty damn hard at this one
  4. so at work everyone was like RIP Steve

    I responded "OSPF Steve" or "RIPv2"

  5. your avatar always upset me. its like some shitty eastern european 3d render
  6. I think people are all talking about it for numerous reasons, more than just because of his place as exCEO.
    First off, its how early he died; one thing if Steve Jobs died at the age of 80, that would just have been mentioned on the evening news and everyone would kinda move on, but when an important figure like that dies while still in their prime, people take notice.
    Then theres also when it happened, a day after the most anticipated apple event ever. People were already talking apple all of tuesday.
    And lastly, Steve Jobs was way more of flag bearer of apple then Bill Gates was of Microsoft. Sure a lot of people know the name Bill Gates, but Steve Jobs was a promotional fiend; he got his name out, he got Apple's name out.
  7. bill gates is a nerd whoc ares if he dies
  8. try and copy it by sticking a speaker in your mouth and taking a pic with your webcam
  9. Had he not been terminally ill.

    While Im not an Apple fan, I meant no disrespect.
  10. Says the person who has Korea woman avatar
  11. Also rest peaceful with many ancestor, famours America business person Steve Jobs.

  12. The iPhone 4S will be a great success, I'll stake my life on it.

    -Steve Jobs
  13. ugh, CNN headline reads "Steve Jobs 'put a dent in the universe'".

    Really? Everyone else in the universe cared about him as much as a bunch of people on Earth?
  14. Top 5 featured stories on CNN

    1. Steve Jobs
    2. Apple
    3. Steve Jobs
    4. Nobel Peace Prize
    5. Apple
  15. So word is he had the most survivable form of pancreatic cancer but instead of embracing medical technology he chose to try curing himself with new age stuff. Obviously it failed and he switched back to scientific methods but it was way too late.
  16. he does have a tendency to think differentâ„¢
  17. What do you know about eastern european art? Tell me more
  18. its funny now how everyone is revering him as some jesus-like being, whereas in reality he was just a business dude who made alot of money selling shiny things to the mouthbreathing masses
  19. not only that, he was an asshole.
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    theres that which i find ironic.

    "Jobs resisted his doctors' recommendations for evidence-based medical intervention for nine months, instead consuming a special alternative medicine diet to thwart the disease, before eventually undergoing a pancreaticoduodenectomy (or "Whipple procedure") in July 2004 that appeared to successfully remove the tumor."

  22. thank you. everybody on the internet is so boo-hoo about this and i just dont see what shit there is to give.
  23. If all you can think about when mentioning Steve Jobs is the iPhone, then yeah, you probably wouldn't get it.
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    Can you blame him? He exhausted conventional means of harvesting the organs of young Apple fanbois and it still didn't work.
  25. Bill Gates most likely gave him cancer.

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