Steven Wright

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  1. Anyone heard of him? I just caught him on comedy central, hes pretty funny. Sorta Mich Hedberg style funny.

    Actually on Hedberg's wiki sites Wright as his influence
  2. "im addicted to placebos, I could quit but it wouldnt matter"

    "Im also proud of the Jehova's witness protection, I have to go door to door and tell them im someone else"
  3. yea he's the guy on the couch.
  4. He's the radio announcer on Resovior Dogs.

    His best work is available on a CD - "buy me a pony" but he does some "art noir" style short film as well - look for Lone Soldier on Youtube.

    I rate him as a comedian for sure.
  5. this guy is hilarious.
  6. look up anthony jeselnik
  7. after my exams
  8. bwaaaaaa come on right now
  9. #$%# i should be studying now
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    I've heard of STEVIE Wright.
    Who is awesome.
    And sang Friday On My Mind as part of the Easybeats.
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    don't forget the Evie Trilogy
  12. If you just found out about Steven Wright, you've been missing out. I don't remember what it was, but I was watching something a few months back with Chris Rock and Steven Wright doing a joint stand-up routine where they told each other's jokes. It was great.

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