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  1. Yeah, but your oil companies NOW agree you need us with our precious oil sands.
  2. Stop #$%#ing up my world, mother #$%#ers.
  3. Yeah, public transit here is a #$%#ing joke. In London I was amazed at how efficient that shit was.
  4. I don't know what that has to do with anything. Canada has always been a great supplier of natural resources to the US.
  5. No way man, Im Canadian, and I agree with him, we just need a lot of energy period.

    First off, everything east or north of my province gets #$%#ING cold in the winter, that requires either a fossil fuel (either natural gas or other). Secondly, with our now busy industrial strength gaining country, the trucks here are ALL diesel, the biggest truck in the world resides in Canada.

    Everything, trains are D-E, ferries (for maritimes, BC has the 2nd largest fleet in the world) are all diesel. Busses are better though, we have hybrids, hydrogens, electric, but still, that all requires a ton of energy.

    PLUS, big PLUS here, even though there at 30+ million in the country, basically, like my stepdad, I could drive his 1969 F-150 with no catalytic converter, no exhaust, straight belching 351 power emissions. And unless its too noisy, authorities can do nothing.

    We have no Cubic inch restrictions too.

    The one thing I DO believe is a compensation is our small population compared to the size of the country. Besides, 70?? maybe 90?? percent of our population is within a few hundred km to the US border.
  6. yah, I forgot why I mentioned that. Though some of your countrymen tend to disagree with that idea, of the few that I met. Not saying it speaks for all americans, but just find it interesting.
  7. Canada has so much oil reserves that it could compete with the Saudis if it wanted to.
  8. If they allow Offshore exploration here, and lower the price of living in Fort McMurray and other related areas, which would attract more workers in which we need 100,000, we could definately supply NA for a long time.

    Better watchout though, China seems to be digging in the Sandbox with their eye on it too.
  9. You are the one who act likes a #%!@y useless child so STFU and GTFO.
  10. Stop trying to defend the US, Frenchie. Try living here before you start posting stupid shit.
  11. Stop taking urine baths, don't go and sit under a horse every morning for urine baths.
  12. Planet earth sucks anyways.
  13. People assume India and China will be the next superpowers as well.
  14. Certainly you do NOT know what is the true meaning of greedy and malicious, Mr. Hyprocrite.
  15. Who said you could speak to me? gtfo
  16. Rather incidentely, why do you switch between account such as Fudas and Wheeleboy?
  17. Don't you like my Fudas avatar?
  18. No. Not at all. I take it you've never been to the US?
  19. I am an admirer of art, and the female form. However the lady in question must be of high standing, a fair maiden.

    The ladies that you have desplayed in your Fudas avatar and also on the Wheeleboy forums are of questionable background, they don't blood to Aristocracy, they lack blue blood, there the answer is no, i do not like your Fudas avatar.

    My question still stands, why do you switch between your account, for what purpose? And why did you ask me if i like your avatar?
  20. To openly insult another one will not make you great, moron.
  21. Thanks for the update.

  22. Why need?
  23. dude, stfu. What's the matter with you?

    Don't respond to any more of my posts in this thread. All the information you might ask has already been posted here. All the explanations as to why I dislike American pundit mindsets are there. I've explained myself twice over already. Every half day some new American jackass logs on and starts at the begnning of this thread, bumping it back up, getting all annoyed. Just read the whole thing before making comments. #$%#ing stupid self-righteous morons you all are.
  24. #$%# off to your shitehole without any delay. Your far left socialist retard, your "thinking" already butched more than tens of millions people in the mankind history, reading your "idealogy" in the made any sensible people in the world sick.
  25. eat shit, mother#$%#er.

    yes, this kind of banter is a wise idea.

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