Still slow with the supercharger

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 XU6' started by realice, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I doubt the pistons will be on THAT low compression to get out 800 horses just from upping the boost pressure. When boost is raised significantly, youd want a lower compression ratio.
    Remember that.

    Plus, Yes, v8s, or ANY other cylinder car would stuff up quickly if boost is 22psi. Main reason: High compression pistons.

    Many engines can handle turbo/superchargers, aslong as you don't push them. Most original non forced induction engines which are then blown without any changes to internals, use around 6 to 9 psi, which is a "safe" level.
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    The old Holden V8 can take a lot of boost and all the supercharged versions out there are proof of that...probably because they start off with only 8.4:1 compression. I'm sure also the old windsor would be tough enough to cop a decent amount of boost aswell.
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    hmm, at summernats we had a car up there, blown, methanol injected, etc etc named OFDIAL.
    ran 13 psi with stock pistons and they cracked so then we had to change em with lower compression ones.

    must depend on the block i guess

    yes thats the main reason because old holden v8s could take alot of boost, but remember, despite that low compression ratio, they weren't using low compression pistons.
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    What sort of car did you have up there?

    Whether or not an engine will die or not comes down to tuning, it is extremely important to get it right. You can have 1 engine on 2psi and fu*k it up because its not tuned properly, and the same engine on 10 and it will be fine if its tuned properly.

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