still think vipers suck? take a look at this!

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    Re: still think vipers suck? take a look at this!

    Your welcome! When the new site is up I will be creating many case studies on many different aspects of what we do. The RS TT will be included.

    Would you put the video link in the multimedia section for me?

    I will send you a shirt and dash plaque- email me your address.

  2. Re: still think vipers suck? take a look at this!

    hah, im pretty sure an evo mr(mitsu. racing) can almost beat the viper on the slalom(70.1 mph) and almost on the skidpad(.98g) for alot less money. and do you know what track this was on or what magazine?
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  4. Re: still think vipers suck? take a look at this!

    Look at the other cars in that comparison. The Ferrari 355, and porsche 911 turbo, if you say an evo can beat the viper, you're saying it can beat these cars.

    the evo does a 70.1 slalom, compared to the vipers 73.6, and .98 to 1.01

    Ironically, the evo and viper have been compared in the Motortrend june 2003 issue

    On a figure 8 track, the srt10 came in 2nd to a moslerMT900, and did 23.9 seconds

    The evo? it came in 5th, a Full Second behind the viper, 24.9

    Also the test i posted was done by motortrend in 1997, in las vegas motor speedways roadcourse.

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    First i would like to say i dont hate vipers.
    Everyone thinks this viper can kick anycars azz, well most are wrong! becasue if you strip all the mods out of the car and you match it up against a real performer at the track the viper would lose! but there is one thing we can all argee on a viper will always be a SUPRA KILLER
  6. Re: still think vipers suck? take a look at this!

    It will lose against real performers????

    Viper GTS

    Road Course(sec.)
    Dodge Viper GTS 39.4
    Ferarri F355 39.5
    Porsche 911 Turbo 40.2
    Toyota Supra Turbo 41.3
    Acura NSX-T 41.5
    Chevrolet Corvette 41.7
    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 42.3

    Viper SRT-10

    Mosler mt900: 23.3
    SRT-10: 23.9
    911 GT3: 23.9
    Ferrari 360 CS: 24.2
    Lambo Murci: 24.7
    Vette zo6: 24.8
    Mitsu Evo: 24.9
    Ferrari 575M: 25.2
    CL55 AMG: 25.9
    Cobra: 26.3
    Jag xkr: 26.6

    The viper is more than just a supra killer.

  7. Amen, lose the rice, it's lots of unneeded calories!

    the Evolution is the only worthy car ever to come out of that Island, it has potential, but it's just too bad the mouth precedes the money these days.....
  8. C'mon if a car can do 1/4 mile in less then 9 sec it doesn't suck.
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    "here are a few vipers that i pulled off that are all tuner vipers but all kick ass.

    Doug Levin Stage IV Viper:
    hp: 1175hp
    torque: 1150 ft lbs
    1/4 mile: 10.1 secs"

    Judging from that you proved it just right. That car has 1175hp and only does a 10.1? Thats pathetic, must have serious traction issues which would mean it sucks at handling. (Well driveability, but you cant do fast laps when your in the sand. Or backwards.)
  10. I always thought that viper couldn't handle but from what you guys are saying i guess they can. And whats with PASSWORD PLEASE compairing a NSX to a Hennessely Viper?
  11. He copmaires it in a NSX forum
  12. What?

    Please post the url. so I can see for my own eyes.
  13. And what about the STi, and HONDA NSX-R?

    Or how about the Tommy Kiara ZZII?

    all of which are faster than the EVO, don't get me wrong, the EVO is far from a bad car, and has pretty much always been able to hang with the STi (Faster than the STi's pre-2004, at least the ones that weren't ver. I-VI, or the limited edition STi's), they're good cars, far beyond MANY American fact I can only think of 3 American Cars that can undoubtedly beat the NSX-R with both in stock form.

    BTW-are you then saying that the Z06 Sucks? Because I know it doesn't, and the NSX-R has proven many times over that it is capable of beating a Z06 around many tracks, though in all honesty, the two are pretty close in track performance. Major difference between the two? pretty much steering feel....Z06 is soft and floaty at high speeds, NSX-R with non-power steering has excellent feedback, is sharp, crisp, and neutral

    And the Tommy Kiara ZZII....well, sure it's just a concept right now, but there are a couple road-going versions within the company, but it should come out sometime soon, and it could easily scare the living shite out of the GT, Viper, and possibly even the Saleen S7.
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    uhh you also do know that SVS is a crap company right? any company can make a car which makes high hp BUT from friends who own vipers who have had nothing but complaints from those tuners except for DLM it doesnt mean that they are trust worthy sources.
  15. really? so if a car is sometihng other than a viper a vette etc. to you it sucks no matter how fast it is?

  16. uh no, becasue a supra can be a viper killer just as much as a civic or any other car can be a viper killer.

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