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Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO Ram Air 6 Concept' started by Carrera26, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. I like the Monaro/GTO quite a bit, but I still cannot understand why it weighs such an unbelieveable amount...
  2. American car companies don't anything beside steel. That's why they're so cheap... excluding a few upper class cars. I wouldn't count Saturn, lol... Go carts with a plastic body.

  3. this is actually pretty light compared to other high performance aussie cars (i know this particular car is american, but its essentially badge treatment). the ford falcon GTP weighs in at 1900kg.
    and once u get inside a high performance commodore, theres simply alot of room! haha
  4. Yeah that measly 575 hp will have a heck of a time pushing all that 3700 lbs.
  5. I really hope you were joking when you said measly? The SLR weighs about the same if not more and has only 30 more hp
  6. i wish some of yall new what the hell you were talking about. i agree with what diabloVT says. this car is fairly light for as much as it is packing. besides steel is not cheap hyoctane.
  7. compared to an aluminium chassis and panels, or carbonfibre - yeah actually - it is.
  8. I wont complian about the weight of the car, infaact Id take a heavier performance car for everyday driving over a light one. And once you start using things like carbonfiber and aluminum with honeycomb extrusions it starts to get expensive. 3,750pounds isnt that bad when you think about it. I know that most people wouldnt do this but compare it to the Ferrari 575M, it weighs 4,000pounds and packs 515BHP and 434ft-lbs of torque. This GTO would be a rocket and has enough power to exceed 200MPH not bad for GTO. And even though its based on the Holden Menaro this car has a new body and a awsome engine that revs to 7,000rpms.

    so it doesnt weigh 3,000pounds so what it wasnt meant to be a light weight performer.
  9. According to statistics, the Mercielago is about 3,650 lb with 5 hp more and 25 lbs of torque less then this GTO. But don't get me wrong 3,700 lbs is quite a bit but then again this is a muscle car and not a exotic sports car. IMO the Lamborghini is too heavy. Yes I know its a V12 but the Viper has 2 Cylinders less with about 300 lbs less.

  10. sure...make the body out of carbon fiber, the frame out of alum., strip the interior yet still make it street legal and we will talk price and driveability. And...575hp is alot.
  11. i really hope your not that gullable. it is quite easy to see hes being sarcastic
  12. There has been a trend recently towards increasingly heavy sports cars. 500HP is significant, but look what the Lotus Elise can do with 190. It's a vicious cycle, really- the heavier the car, the more complexity must be added (Ferrari's skyhook suspension, traction control, Diablo VT and Porsche turbo's weighty AWD, dynamic stability control, etc. etc.). The more complexity, the more weight.
  13. sometimes things like low weight have to be sacrificed to make a car look nice and function properly
  14. I remeber reading a side-by-side comparison in some american car mag, road and track or whatever(they're all the same rags save for 'Automobile')between the original GTO and the new production model. The new car was actually heavier. I don't remeber by how much, it might only have been 50 lbs but I was surprised, as I thought all the modern tech. with regards to uni-body construction and not making 'boat' sized cars anymore would have saved a few lbs. I guess leather and all the modern options weigh a lot more than I thought.
  15. This car if not longer than the original GT, is wider with a larger leather interior. The 60s cars also didn't have 600 watt sound systems and A/C and power steering were options.
  16. Fatty Fatty

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