Stillborn Cars: 1966 Packard V12

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  1. By the Late 1950s the once high end Packard brand had been reduced to dressed up Studebakers, which were christened by the media as “Packardbakers”. They were over decorated and oddly styled, and consumers did not exactly take well to the new cars. It was clear that something needed to be done to save the brand. Several ideas were thrown around, including one to import the French Facel Vega Excellence Sedan and update it with Packard Styling, but Studebaker Packard’s alliance with Mercedes Benz prevented this from happening. So Packard Designers began work on an all new model for 1966, resurrecting the famous Packard V12.

    At least two prototypes were built, one for a sedan, and one for a coupe. The Design was way ahead of its time; the car actually looks like something that could have been built in the 1990s, in a good way.

    The front end was clean, intricate, and elegant, drawing cues from the Predictor Showcar. The rear end had small finlets punctuated by thin vertical taillamps, that look like something you might find on a late 1990s Cadillac.

    Unfortunately this Stunning design would be Packard’s last, the car began its real world testing the day the shutdown order was given, and the car’s only known public appearance was when one of the workers used the sedan to pick up his kids from school. It is unclear what happened to the last Packards, but it’s very unlikely that the cars still exist.
  2. way good for such an early design but that car as a whole is proportioned terribly.
  3. except for the obvious exception of the front grill, i could mistake it for nearly every mid-80s GM sedan. A bit ahead of its time?

    apart from the long bonnet, i'd say the proportions aren't that bad. i think it gets a pass for having a v12. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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