Stingray Concept Interior

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  1. looks a bit too futuristic for me but better than the current c6 interior.
  2. As a Corvette fan, it pains me to say no to this.
  3. it's in the same vein as the cadillac concepts, and being so it's hard to be excited about it.
  4. GAY.

    That POS is a computer with wheels.
  5. Looks like a freaking Transformer or something.
  6. KITT.
  7. do not like the rear of this vehicle, or the headlights.
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  9. lol not gonna happen. It will come with an Aveo radio and an Envoy A/C knobs
  10. GTR
  11. The interior is a lil to crazy. But i don't see why GM could not apply the whole PDA style computer in alot of it's upper priced cars. I think that would really give them a leg up on the competition, considering most just have a GPS. If GM actually does something right, it could be better then an i-drive.
  12. pics not loading
  14. this isnt the GTR
  15. Concept interior..highlights the tech that the car will have 20years from now. It's not bad, but I doubt it'll come around anytime soon
  17. I cant wait for interiors to be like this. IDK why they arnt yet. my iphone was $100 but a 50 thousand dollar sports car has a crappier version of sat nav as a $1000+ dollar option.
  18. not that great, but i suppose it wouldn't be finalized if they actually released something like this, right? i hope not?

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